Hitman Wallpapers Vault


This is a wallpaper that a made today


Amazing m8 20 wallpapers


Youtube Banner with all Targets from the episodes.
Second one i made today


New Wallpaper I made with all Elusive Targets


I really like this one a lot dude, nice!! :smiley:

You should definitely add on when they are all officially done.

Very cool!


If I may make a suggestion…

maybe make one like that (47 in the middle) but have EVERY single target from all the Hitman games? The whole franchise! That would be sweet!!


Thanks Agent4T7
I’m glad you liked it.
After the elusive targets are done
I make a new one.
The Suggestion that you make is not easy for every targets from all the Hitman games
There is not enough space lol.
I give it a try



Ya I agree. It would be too cluttered. But great job, BSD. Really like that et collage.


Thanks Buddy !!!:sunglasses:


Yeah, I suppose it would be (in a post anyway) maybe I’ll make that a project for myself, where I can make like a collage on a big poster board.

But @BlueSeaDiver that will look cool. Nice work so far, man! :smiley:



Anybody happen to have a full, high resolution of the following photos? @Mads47? Or anyone else…
Very much appreciated!


Both might need some vertical stretching/fixing, but otherwise, here you go boss @AGENT4T7 . They’re in 1600x900.


No problem, I can fix that part :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.



Apologies, but I can’t stop imagining Abiatti fitting in perfectly as a breadstick, huehue!




How about one photo for each game?? Like for one for C47 with all its targets and 47, and so on. So there will be a total of 6 or 7 photographs.


No problem my man :smiley:


I haven’t seen them posted anywhere on here, maybe I’m just missing it.

But does anybody happen to have
1920 X 1080 photos saved of all the target loading screens from Blood Money?
Like this?

@AlyMar1994 ?