Hitman Wallpapers Vault


I can give you as much as 1600x900, my monitor can’t go more than that.


@AlyMar1994 that’s fine!
Whenever you can upload all of them (if you want to) it would be very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


All done. All of them are in a .Zip here:



haha yeah that Requiem one did look pretty funny :smile:

Thanks a lot for uploading all of these, I really do appreciate it. You the man!


No problem. Just shout if you need anything else.


Fuck off HMF.


haha thats funny, Idk if thats new, but I never seen that notification before. :smile:

But yeah, I will definitely let you know if I need anything else. You’ve been a big help, thanks again!


Original PNG version: https://i.redd.it/6wo1200ud66z.png

Don’t know why HMF converted it to JPG.


its a shame that we dont have those beautiful Loadingscreens anymore, loved the one from Codename 47, Silent Assassin and Contracts.

Since Blood Money its just meh.


I was very disappointed they removed them in Blood Money


Tunnel Rat was the best loading screen, if all the screen were to that standard it would be brilliant.


What happened to them?


i dont know, maybe @Travis_IOI knows what happend to them? :slight_smile:


Wanted something simpler I guess. Having the same screen as your main menu and your loading screens is easier than making a loading screen for every mission.


Adding a simple still image is not that difficult, hope the devs will add loading screen images based on individual level :smiley:




But positioning the models, creating the background, rendering the effects, and putting the overlay on (if one is created) is difficult.


That right there in the middle is the original Silverballer.


I think making artwork is less tedious, in comparison to fully rendered 3D scenes :smiley:


Changed my phone background: