HitmanDB - The Contract Database



The first and hopefully not last version of HitmanDB is now live and ready for use. HitmanDB aims to be the best place for finding, sharing and rating contracts and other Hitman missions.

It should be rather self explanatory so I won’t waste your time by going into too much detail, you can find a more detailed explanation on the index page.

If and when anything explodes, let me know so I can do my best to fix it. The few of you who already created accounts when I shared a temporary link on Discord - use the “Forgot password?” option to reset your passwords. Accounts made then have had their passwords nuked.

Those of you concerned about the connection not being secure, feel free to use this link for now:

The host is supposed to provide a secure connection for custom domains but that refused to function so it is what it is. I have contacted the host and this should hopefully get fixed soon.

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@Kotti I’m creating an account right now :wink: It looks reallt cool :smiley:


As I’ve said on the discord, I love this idea. Really hope it takes off and becomes a main part of the Hitman Community.


Bumping this now that I’ve added an announcement/introduction video.


So awesome. I added a bunch of my better contracts. I’m really looking forward to this taking off. Thanks for your hard work!

BTW, I found a small bug. If I edit one of my contracts and it has an apostrophe in the title, everything after the apostrophe will be deleted from the title text field. “Cupid’s Arrow” becomes “Cupid”, for instance. So if I hit the update button without checking for this, the contract title can get changed to the shorter version.


This is fantastic!
Would have been nice if IO had something official like this.


I dumped what I had, seems a very nice thing already!


Made an account and rated a bunch of things before I left for work, going to put something up when I get home.


Fixed, thanks for letting me know.

I announced the site about a day ago, there are already 100+ contracts, and this was the only thing that has been reported as broken. So far so good.


I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to the rating system as future contracts come out. Right now, most of the contracts up there that I recognize I don’t really remember well enough to confidently rank. Same with the escalations. A new batch of Featured contracts comes out this week though, and it’ll be interesting to see what elements make for a highly-ranked contract.

Psst, @scm97tl, you should write ‘FEATURED’ in the contract ID fields for all three platforms for your featured contracts!


I dont quite understand this one. Isn’t it still easier to paste an ID into the game than browsing the featured contracts to find it?


That’s true, but leaderboard competition tends to take place on the featured version, not the original version, so there are reasons to prefer playing the featured version. At the very least, FEATURED should be written in the text fields for the other two platforms.

It’s going to get harder to find specific featured contracts as the featured list grows longer. IOI should give them IDs. And let us add them to our favorites folder, which we currently can’t do.


Speaking of those, I’m not sure if I should add the new ones myself if their creators haven’t added them previously. It’s a bit of a hassle transferring the contracts to correct accounts maybe sometime in the future, but I think it’d be good to have them on there early as they’re the ones people are most likely to rate.

Sorting by location would do wonders.


Hmm, yeah, what to do with the new Featureds is an interesting problem. Asking people to rate the latest round of Featureds seems like a good way to get people to make accounts, and it’s good advertising for HitmanDB. You would probably want them up there.

You can probably assume that people who have already posted contracts will put up their featured contract on their own; maybe add the others yourself after a day or so?

On the other hand, while the site is still finding its legs, it might be worth putting them all up immediately and then going through the hassle of migrating them to correct accounts later. But I don’t know how much of a hassle that is.


NOOO I grinded a whole day on one of my suggested contracts to get an awesome score. Well I may deserve it since the run is relying heavily on luck, which is bad, I know.


Heh, I know the feeling. I was proud of my Sniper Mario run, and then a month later it was featured so I had to redo it to keep up my streak of SAed featured contracts, but I couldn’t remember how I did it. I kept trying to go through the foggily recollected motions, but it turns out that the route of some NPC had changed in the interim and I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why a body kept getting found.


I like stats.



Not added any ratings, but have finally added a few contracts today.

Yeah, I think this is what they refer to in old money as a free bump.


I found this suit only accident contract by Matias on the site last night, and had fun running it:

Scarred Guards - (2:15)

Just to throw a few names out randomly from the XB side of things, it would be cool to see some contracts added from the likes of @Aegis_Chrome @Forsane @Remedy @DruidJ @Brian_Cartwright @The5secondrule @DeadlyVigilance at some point (even if it’s just a couple of contracts that they consider to be their best).


I’ll have a look into it, for sure.