HitmanForum Contracts Competition! Prizes to be won! (PC Only) Entries now closed!


You now have 2 weeks to submit your contract! Make sure to get it in before the 9th for it to be counted


Nice, gonna give that a try right now.

EDIT; finished it with a grand score of zero. Suit-only, but didn’t bother with most of the weapon limitations. Decent effort, although most of the challenge comes from how annoying Colorado is on SO.


Contract doesn’t restrict you to SO. You only need your suit when killing targets.


A week to go until the deadline closes. If you still want to enter make sure you do it soon!


What happens with 3rd place reward, if there are only two entries?


if there are only 2 entries, then only the 2 top prizes are given away


It sucks that the virus for Francesca isn’t a poison kill in contracts, had a fun idea :frowning:


I already have one similar contract. You have attempted it.
Lab Rats or something in title.


The sole reason there is no Dr. Death contract where you need to kill Francesca and 4 hazmat suit guys with poison as Street Performer.


This is a very, very cool idea. Will try and make one before the 9th and post it here.


I’m very proud and happy to be able to present my entry for the contest, with the apt title of “HitmanForumContractCompetition; IAGO 2.0”. I had to skimp on the contract title as it was the only place I could cram the competition name into.

Opting for Marrakesh at night, I’ve framed the story around Ellinor Westrup, picture courtesy of @AGENT4T7 from the IAGO Dossier thread;

You could find her in the Gilded Cage map, where it was revealed she was part of IAGO and assigned to Zaydan. She wished to break off the relationship, but was waiting for the news of IAGO’s dissolution to blow over.

That’s where the canon ends; I’ve decided to frame my contract as taking place after A Gilded Cage; Westrup has attempted to start her own spy organisation of sorts, but failed miserably as her first four hires all defected on her and formed their own clique. Now, the girls are operating in Marrakesh, working on four different men (who may not be harmed), and Westrup wants the girls liquidated for their betrayal (and because they know too much). No doubt someone who used to be on Margolis’ payroll would be able to afford a contract with the ICA.

As for gameplay, the targets are spread throughout the map with different kill conditions (as it would be suspicious if all of them met the same fate, e.g. fibrewire). I’ve also opted for the Suit for all four kills, adding even more challenge to the mix as you will need disguises at some point; hiding the bodies is gonna be particularly difficult in some cases as well.

[B]Title:[/B] HitmanForumContractCompetition;IAGO 2.0
[B]Contract ID:[/B] 1-07-4760525-93
[B]Location:[/B] Marrakesh (@ Night)
[B]Targets;[/B] Aubrey Hervé, Lara Parkin, Lilly Goodwin, Andrea Zimmer


Made a contract about the sheikh. Your client’s family were killed by the sheikh’s terrorist organisation, and now he’s out for revenge. You have to kill the sheikh and his guards in the same way the client’s family was tortured: waterboarding (drowning kill), strangling (fibre wire) and brutalising (neck snap).

ID for copy-paste: 1-02-2545081-16


Good challenge, decent story (not sure why the client would want two local bodyguards killed). Only posted a score of just over 100.000, I need to work out a way to quickly destroy the camera recordings.


… well shit, I thought this was the ‘HMF member contracts’ thread. Is it ok if I enter anyway? I don’t have ‘made for HMFCC’ in the description though.

just go with it :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah thats fine :slight_smile:



^^^ You can avoid typing 202020202


Clever. I didn’t realise you could do that.


First of all, It’s really cool that there are people willing to spend their own resources just to “vivify” the community.

It’s been suggested to me that I should post my latest contract here. Unfortunately, it does not have “made for the hitmanforum contracts competition” in the title or description, so I’m not sure if you will be okay with that. I could always create the same contract and just adjust description, but it would be just silly and redundant, as I’m not going to win anyway ;). But, it is always a good opportunity to showcase my contract and maybe get some feedback!

Title: Enemy at the Gates
Contract ID 1-09-2327115-07 (PC)

Subtitles have been translated relatively good, I didn’t have any reason to change them. Moreover, If you were to ask me yesterday If I’m playing polish or english version, I wouldn’t even be sure about that, Does not matter to me, as long as there are no typos or mistranslations.


No matter how many times I see Hitman menus and gameplay in Polish, it just feels kinda wrong to me, even if I understand every single word it says. Guess I’m too used to play video games in their original language.