HitmanForum Contracts Competition! Prizes to be won! (PC Only) Entries now closed!


I have the exact same thing with my native language; it feels wrong and childish (only media targeted at young kids is dubbed here, unlike Germany where they dub just about everything from what I saw). Straight-up kurwa :wink:

Worst was being forced to play the first inFamous game in Dutch. It was quite heavy on the swearing, which was all in Dutch and pathetic as a result of most youth here just cussing in English most of the time.


I present my entry, two days before deadline:

Target 1

Target 2

Target 3

Note: I put [HFCC] in the title, as my description already contained exactly 500 characters.


I like the pictures. Very dramatic.


Toplevel Takedown [HFCC Entry]
ID: 1-03-6033836-05

These Npc’s hardly ever get picked for a contract, atleast not that i know of. Think this one could be pretty interesting if you want to go for a fast time.


The two guards are probs part of the terrorists.

Anyway, I made a contract where Suchin Thanom, the gardener who’s selling the tuktuk to Morgan, is a drug smuggler. He stashed a batch of heroin in the back of the tuktuk and plans to sell it to Morgan and his bodyguard. You are to blow up or steal the tuktuk.Search “Tuk-Fucked”. I accidentally made an error in the briefing saying you have to dress as security to kill them, ignore that.


Do you have a contract ID, otherwise I can’t accept your entry :stuck_out_tongue:


Avenging Angel HFFC


Innocence Lost [HFCC]


Is that a nod to Skyrim?


Wooo, figured there’d be plenty of last-minute entries, love the added competition! Will try 'n play all of them tonight (except @FBIannis 's Hokkaido contract as I have yet to play Situs Inversus)!


Didn’t thought of it.
Fitting for remembrance of 47’s orphan days.


I’m gonna remake it soon.



top quality one.



Story based. Thanom is a drug smuggler working with his girlfriend Kamol to sell heroin (hidden inside the tuk-tuk) to Ken Morgan and his bodyguard. You are to kill the four with explosive accidents cause why the fuck not and destroy/steal the tuk-tuk.


What platform is that?


On PC. Why you asking?


I thought pc was 03.
All my contracts have 03.
Also i saw many other pc contracts with 03.
Thought 02 was ps4 and 01/04 was xbox.
That doesn’t seem the case.



Am I registered?


The 08 stands for Bangkok, the 1 stands for PC.


TFW i have most of my created contracts in sapienza.