HitmanForum Contracts Competition! Prizes to be won! (PC Only) Entries now closed!


Well sapienza is 03, so that would make sense.


First number tells which platform, 1 is pc, 2 ps4, 3 xbox. Second number tells you the map.

01 is Final test, 02 is paris, 03 sapienza etc


Played mah bros @Markie 's and @mendietinha ‘s efforts, top score lads! Except my score in the former case really isn’t that top drawer :’)

I’m surprised not everyone is playing eachother’s contracts. Can’t size up the competition this way :wink:


Entries are now closed!
Massive thank you to everyone who entered, I have a list of all 11 entries which I will now play in order of this list, which is in order of when they were entered.
I have purposefully not played or tried to look at any of the entries in detail so I can go into each one with a fresh look.
Because of IRL engagements, expect the winners to be announced sometime late next week.
Once again, massive thank you and good luck to everyone who has entered. If you missed out this time, don’t worry, there will be another competition down the line.


Pls post text for contract ID. Easy to copy and search.


Name Contract ID
Gule 1-03-1236490-57
OKIGorgon 1-09-6513140-33
Golem25 1-07-4760525-93
gkkiller 1-02-2545081-16
Lipton 1-09-2327115-07
FBIannis 1-10-8238714-97
Fortheseven 1-03-6033836-05
Orcy 1-06-5400674-39
Takkar 1-03-1707626-39
mendietinha 1-02-6173562-49
Markie 1-08-3144183-17


Now I know I have no power over this, and I don’t know the selection process for featured contracts, but might I suggest to @Travis_IOI and @IOInteractive that the winner of this competition gets their contract featured? Of course, I can’t say what IOI does, but I’m just suggesting it as a nice idea .


That is a nice idea.
However, as is mentioned in the OP, This competition is not endorsed or affiliated in any way by IO Interactive or Square Enix and I don’t want to confuse that.

So, let’s talk when the competition is over.


In theory it’s over already. We’re just waiting for verdict.


I looked into what would go on if the tuk-tuk didn’t just blow up in Morgan’s face. Morgan, after finding out that spluttering engines are authentic, buys the tuk-tuk, telling Thanom to check into his mailing list.

BTW, I just finished AHBOS. Any Janbiya contracts?


I just remembered about this thread. Are the results announced yet? Who should I congratulate?


Did I win yet? Kappa


You can ask @introvert_ . He’s the one who started it and is now avoiding this thread.


Soon fam


How soon are talking about? I’m fine with “Duke Nukem Forever soon”, but not “Fable Legends soon”.


somewhere between “The Last Guardian” soon and “Half Life 3” soon /s