Hitmanforum game - "Lets guess season 2"


I am more then sure that season 2 will release next year, so here you will type day, month and year, on which you think it will be released, If you guess, you win, easy…

⬇️ RULES ⬇️

1) You can post only 1 date and can never change it
2) If date is already chosen by someone else, you have to take another date.
3) You have to write Day, Month and Year.

⬆️ RULES ⬆️

All the dates are laid chronologically straight forward, so there will be no trouble checking if someone has already chosen the date that you choose


WinstonPeroni October 11/2017
D1NGdong October 31/2017
theinternet11 November 22/2017
IndianAgent47 December 8/2017
DrowNby47 January 6/2018
Silverballer February 15/2018
ICA February 16/2018
Danger_dog_guy_7 March 11/2018
mrAgent31 March 16/2018
Nazareth April 7/2018
Markie April 11/2018
Rubaduck May 14/2018
AGENT_58 June 12/2018
GuLe August 18/2018
AGENT4T7 September 5/2018
Opal_Hitman September 15/2018
_AnoMade September 18/2018
Pagan October 16/2018
silvereye27 October 17/2018
eeefaa November 13/2018
Q.Mihn November 30/2018
Gundamn December 4/2018
Happy_Squirrel December 8/2018
Heisenberg December 9/2018
Jamy47 January 31/2019
Watson February 1/2019
YaIrishMick96 February 2/2019
MrBurn4488 November 30/2019


:x::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign: DEAD END :heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::x:


February 15th 2018


March 11th 2018


April 7th 2018 is the correct date because 4/7 of course. :smirk:


June 12th 2018


November 2018.


December 2018


I think guessing an entire month is cheating :smile: Need to pick a day too!

With that said, my guess is 8th December 2018.




2nd February 2019


It just gets later and later. Before long we’ll have people guessing 2047


13th November 2018 :smiley:


My guess is March 16th, 2018.


11/10/2017 (them need money expecially cause them are independent) 20 characters.


September 15th, 2018.


I’m gonna say November 22, 2017. Definitely late this year or early next year, no later then that.


May 14, 2018



LMFAO at the people picking any date earlier than summer 2018. The game isn’t even announced yet and IO has yet to rise from its ashes.

I will go with December 4th 2018 and it’s optimistic imo.


Also games can take 3-5 years to make so if it’s a full release don’t expect it any earlier than 2020, otherwise it’ll be rushed and buggy.

Even if it’s episodic it’s not even been announced they are working on it so it’s ridiculous to expect it to come out this year.


If the episodes work as DLC similar to how S1’s episodes did, then the base game is already built.