Hitmanforum member contracts


Risk of Relapse
Contract ID: 3-09-1145428-76
Xbox One

Live from the Crime Scene
Contract ID: 3-02-0912539-76
Xbox One

These are my fourth and fifth contract, the other ones were just for testing the capabilities of Contracts mode.

I am currently planning on doing something like a campaign with story and everything. The story will be told through short stories in between missions, maybe here in the forums or on a separate blog just for the campaign including artwork.

I am holding out on creating any content for the campaign in case IO updates Contracts mode with some more options. :wink:


Hey thanks man! That really means a lot. I don’t think there’s anything really stopping me from making more other than how busy I am now a days. I don’t take too long creating a contract. Sounds of Animals Fighting is the first one I’ve actually planned a couple days ahead of time. I usually dont publish one that I’m not proud of. Thanks again for the support.
Also @Ed_ll3 said that he was going to remake one of my contacts for XB1


Concealed in plain sight is probably acceptable, Mr Wyman will just have to be quick! haha


Hey man, i like your contracts. Don’t get discouraged, my most recents no one has played. I often go back through the thread and find old ones to play just takes me time to get there. I will definitely try some of your contracts tho, they look good and its nice to know they are there. Also, if you really like some you should consider submitting for featured status. I did one on a whim and it was accepted which feels nice. But keep it up, i appreciate the effort you put in


He’s going to be busy in Hokkaido. :stuck_out_tongue:

Itadakimasu (2:59)


I just watched this! you make them look so easy when it took me like 3 hours to come up with them


It’s well worth the time, I’ve really enjoyed playing these first two. Will be trying the rest out to see where the story goes (alongside starting on RE7). :slight_smile:


Good to hear, although you better hurry, because…




I reallt want to know who Lecter is


Wait a second… what?!
No spoilers, but… you gotta hide the bodies, man!
:angry: :smile:
*shuffles off, mumbling something about hiding bodies…



Dammit, now I have to watch the TV show :joy:


Sounds of Animals Fighting for XB1: 3-03-7260018-88

I think there might be a fast triple or quadruple accident kill in this with the right set up. However, considering the original briefing it seemed only right and proper to bring Wirey out of retirement. :slight_smile:


@Forsane: I enjoyed that first one. It’s an official content fest at the moment, but I’m looking forward to trying the others.

Apéritif (6:14)


Was nice to have this lot as targets again. It’s been a while, so there may well be a quicker way to get to the crew out front that I’ve missed. Sweet contract though!

Live from the Crime Scene (3:45):


And a really nice way of doing the contract, haven’t thought of that myself TBH. I actually never used the mixtape before. :slight_smile:


@Forsane: I’ve just completed the second one. Intriguing story so far.

Itakaimasu (2/6) (3:19)

@Wesker: I just played one of your contracts. I really like these types of contract where you have a couple of targets within close proximity. It gives you lots of options. I really got this time down in the end.

Risk of Relapse (0:51)


Thanks and I noticed while watching your video, that I shouldn’t have changed the kill requirement from Consumed poison to poison. :smiley:
Nice and fast run, nonetheless!

@Silverballer I just played your A Crown of Glass story and I really enjoyed it. I admit I didn’t play it in the most HITMAN-way, but I was very intrigued. I’m going to give it a go being more stealthy.


Thanks for playing @Wesker! I’d almost forgotten about that series :joy:


Haha! :smiley:
I found out about it after accidentally clicking on your username while scrolling through the thread. :smiley: