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Freedom of approach is always better. I enjoy creating a contract with a particular method in mind then watch someone use a completely unexpected and smarter approach.

Interestingly, I was using the consumed poison to begin with and had a time around 1:20.


Harira (3/6) (5:31)

@Forsane: There were a couple of tough targets on this one: Guang Tseng (the bodyguard) and Stearne Snelgrove (the guy with the camera). Who is this mysterious client? What does he want with these bodies? It can’t be good! :scream:


Couldn’t help thinking of Neil Young while trying this, considering the briefing and kills!

Played it a little bit last night after ‘Crime Scene’ and had it down to 53 seconds, but had this nagging feeling there was a more direct approach. Went back earlier and got it down to 45:

e: just noticed there’s a cheeky restart left in at the start too. Oh well. :joy:


Mine was so much more (unnecessarily) complicated than that! Nicely done, @Ed_ll3.


The 53 second run yesterday had a weapon throw over to the gates, but the second kill doesn’t register until the ‘Poison Kill’ notification pops afaik; every time I tried to leave early there would be a kill penalty. :unamused:

I would have uploaded that, but had a feeling there was a better way around it.


Did you see my 51 second run? It’s about eight of posts up; I uploaded it last night. I used BCs to lure the one outside and one inside to distract the non-target. It was very messy and not as smooth as your run.


No, I’m on sole childcare duty this weekend. What I thought was going to be a relaxing few days has left me run ragged. Was hoping to start on RE7, and haven’t even got beyond the loading screen yet. :laughing:

If I haven’t passed out by then, I’ll give it a look tonight once the dust settles.


My run is nothing special. I was just wondering if you’d seen it.

I’ve started playing through @Forsane’s wonderful series. I’ve just uploaded 3/6 and I’m just about to play through #4.

I hope you have the energy to get around to something more relaxing. Although by the sound of things, sleep sounds like a good option! :wink:


Mercifully, some peace and quiet. :smile:

That double BC and going through the middle is a good way to work around the timer/notification wait.

Will have to hold off watching the Wyman videos for now. Had a quick run through part three a couple of days ago and clocked in at about 7m iirc, but haven’t had the time to commit to finishing it or checking parts 4-6 yet. Hopefully get some tomorrow before Landslide drops.

What are the plans for S2? @Forsane


@Forsane: I’ve just completed the 4th. That was the hardest yet. It’s the damned cameras, which means you have to build deleting evidence into your route. At least we know who the mystery client is now. :astonished:

Sangkhaya (4/6) (7:22)

Have I missed something with one of the updates or has it always been this way, but it seems that as long as no one witnesses the crime you can brutally murder the target and not lose any bonuses?


It’s always been that way I believe.


It just shows with all the hours I’ve put into this game (~1500 hours!) I never knew that. Obviously the punch glitch automatically loses “Never Spotted”, but I’d always restarted in the past when my lethal melee was seen by the target. To think I’d been wasting my time! :unamused:


I enjoy that too. I was just baffled because creating the contract was painful, some minor detail always went wrong. :smiley:


I’ve started creating S2 contracts and @mungadungalis is playing them on stream as I make them individually. Once I’ve completed another 6 I will post them here in order again.


My computer is getting fixed so I’m using my phone to post this, but I worked on a series called “The Final Journey.” After a few days of completion, I have completed it.

The Final Journey - Good morning, 47. Our client is Julio Yingst, a freelance protester protesting for the environment and freedom. He’s seen the sights. He has a series of contracts for you. You must help him with all of his needs. Good luck.

Rose (1/6): 3-08-0689238-49
Bad Break-Up (2/6): 3-03-6365011-49
Evacuation (3/6): 3-07-0242920-49
Dollhouse (4/6): 3-02-3587045-49
Goodbyes (5/6): 3-10-9760378-49
Ying Yang (6/6): 3-10-9760378-49

I’m working on a new series already. This will take longer for brainstorming.

" A sweet little scenery. In the shadows, corrupt groups of people mingle and dine in the ranges. These shadows have been glown up. This 7-parter contract takes 47 along the world to stop corruption from growing. Good luck, 47. These are The Angel Contracts. (Format of title will be: “Angels: -title- (n/7))”


Good stuff. I think I may have played the first one already, but happy to not upload any until you post here (if you have a schedule planned with Munga, and prefer it that way).

This series has mirrored a chaotic few days. :joy:

I tried to get parts 5 and 6 finished before going back to 3 and 4, hoping to have them all completed before maintenance. After some detective issues last night (@Euler13 :smile:), managed alright runs of 5 and 6 this morning, then the servers dipped-out while working on 4.

Anyway, here’s a version of Antipasto (6:39):

I’ll upload 6 after the patch (which is also a bit scrappy), then get the rest completed once the Landslide hype dies down. Quite pleased with this for Antipasto, though it could be brought down to about 6m with a tidier run (especially the last section).


I have finished creating Series 2 and have complete most of them SA myself just to prove that it’s possible. The 2nd contract in Bangkok had a change of pace, but I’m sure someone will find a way to speed through it. Your timing on target rotations on Antipasto is impressive. Sapienza is difficult to create good contracts on because it’s so popular, so I designed this with target ordering and timing in mind. Its great to see that it definitely comes into play.


Hey there, here’s my first contract for Landslide. Featuring a weapon that might be a little tricky to find :slight_smile:

PC Contract - Time to get saber! Huh, I mean sober! - 1-04-0373786-76


I’ve also created a saber contract in Landslide :smiley:

PS4 - Salvatore: Pirate-Lawyer - ID: 2-04-4358098-23

When I creat a contract it always has a stupid little story and this time it has a TV series theme!


@Ed_ll3: It seems the detective routine has been fixed. I tried the run I had planned four times and each time he moved away from near the well into the toilet. It worked perfectly the first time I tried my route with the January update (6:16), but on each of the three other attempts it was no better than 6:23, so I don’t know what was different. Even more bizarre is that on my best run I accidentally climbed into one of the linen baskets, so I don’t know why this time was better!?!

Antipasto (5/6) (6:16)

@Forsane: One more to go in the series.