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The Angel Contracts series is doing well. I’ve added a little hunt for the client. 3 more contracts for this season and then we are done! Yee-haw! I might add a Season 2 of The Angel Contracts if the series is successful.

OFFICIAL BIO FOR “The Angel Contracts”

A sweet scenery. A variety of places to visit. But in the shadows, there are devious groups working up to no good.Your goal is to eliminate these groups, along with a hacker named Wolfrunner, and end the mist to these corrupt societies and put peace back to Earth.

(kinda gave you where the finale will be placed)


Sounds of Animals Fighting (1:35)

@STEVEORSOMTHING: Nice contract!
(Thanks for re-creating it @Ed_ll3)


I accidentally played the first few of the ‘Angel Contracts’ earlier. Got so into them I didn’t notice it was the most recent series (rather than ‘The Final Journey’). :laughing:

I’ll upload those once the full series is out. For now though here’s the first three of TFJ:

Rose (1/6):

Bad Break-Up (2/6):

Evacuation (3/6):


Im having trouble with ‘The Videl Cataclysm’. You can only use the security guard disguise for 60 seconds, so i kill the targets but everytime i go to change disguise I fail the contract and it sais something along the lines of “This disguise cannot be re-equipped” but his disguise is auction staff not security so i don’t know how im failing it. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?


Sounds of Animals Fighting (1:04)

Again, great contract! Thanks @Ed_ll3 and @STEVEORSOMTHING


Very impressive! Great timing with everything!


Thanks man, credit to you and @Ed_ll3 for delivering me the great contract!


Outstanding work, @ILikeGAMESish. That double stalactite kill was inspired.


There you go @ILikeGAMESish, that’s a superb run with some great kills. :slight_smile:


It’s a bright day across the world. In the shadows, though, groups of corruption and avarice lurk. 47 once again travels through the world stopping the madness, along with your client, a man classified as “Wolfrunner.” Wolfrunner holds a dark past. Will it all unfold in front of you? Welcome, 47, to The Angel Contracts.

There are some challenges you can do. If you are speedrunning, I don’t recommend doing them.

(1/7) Saving The Sheikh: 3-02-7644411-49
Abracadabra!: Kill all four targets in accidents as the vampire magician.

(2/7) Garage Rat: 3-06-9490738
Clean Sweep: Kill all five targets with fiber wire.

(3/7) The Shinden Family: 3-10-1088586-49
Seppuku: Kill both targets as a bodyguard with the katana.

(4/7) Holwing Wolves: 3-08-5830703-49
Wolfrunner: Kill all four targets with a shotgun in your suit.

(5/7) Seraphs Can Sing: 3-03-7332009-49
Nuclear Strangle: Kill both targets with fiber wire in the hazmat suit.

(6/7) Artigli Affilati: 3-04-6520876-49
Dread Man’s Knockout: No NPCs, including the targets, can be pacified.

(7/7) Wolf Hunting: 3-09-0138654-49
Leader of the Pack: You can not harm or pacify any other hackers, including the target.

Remember that the challenges are not required. They just spice up the game, for the most part. Most of these challenges are pretty easy.


These look really cool, may give them a go within the next week if I remember to.


Here are the other three contracts to complete ‘The Final Journey’. @Remedy

Dollhouse (4/6):

Goodbyes (5/6):

Ying Yang (6/6):

These were great, the ‘Angel’ ones I’ve played have been really good too.


Thank you for playing! I have to say, the Final Journey contract was maybe one of my worst creations. Even though it was enjoyable, it was heavily rushed and the storyline was everywhere. I improved a ton during “The Angel Contracts.” I hope these contracts were enjoyable. @Ed_ll3

Remedy out.


North Korean Blues (PS4)

Location: Sapienza / The Icon

CID: 2-05-6970820-77

Unbeknownst to the Sapienza police department, four highly trained North Korean spies have infiltrated their ranks. Our client wants the four spies eliminated.

There’s a movie being filmed in Sapienza and the “police” officers will be on duty guarding the set so this gives you the perfect opportunity to eliminate the targets in one sitting.

A set of town hall keys has been left for you inside an abandoned drug store close-by should you need them.

In bocca al lupo 47!

Feel free to re-create on Xbox/PC if you want.


The best part of the full season already being out is creating contracts in the bonus episodes and these actually being taken in count for the Featured ones!


I made these 2 contracts a while back that take place in “Sapienza - The Icon” bonus mission. For those that just got the bonus missions, here they are if you want to play them, enjoy:)

Drugstore Rendezvous [PS4]

Location: Sapienza / The Icon

CID: 2-05-5089809-77

Eliminate using: Any Method

Wear disguise: Any Disguise

Nicoletta Villani, a scientist for Biruz Pharmaceutical, has been sharing confidential company data with Costanzo Baresi, a scientist for Vomitory Labs Inc.

They are supposed to meet across a drugstore in Sapienza but Mr. Baresi is a big fan of the comic book “The Icon” and seeing as they are filming the movie here in Sapienza, Mr. Baresi is waiting for the movie star’s Q&A session to begin and won’t go to the rendezvous point until it’s over.

Eliminate them as you see fit, good luck 47!

The Smut Peddlers [PS4]

Location: Sapienza / The Icon

CID: 2-05-7077544-77

Eliminate using: Any Method

Wear disguise: Any Disguise

Davide Rizzo and Primo Rossi are the founders and CEO’s of “R&R Mondo Xtertainment”, an Italian adult film company.

Knowing that movie star Dino Bosco’s career is on the ropes, they are trying to convince him into starring in one of their films.

But that’s not the reason for the contract 47. Mr. Rizzo and Mr. Rossi are also involved in the production and distribution of snuff films involving young girls from overseas, victims of human trafficking.

Eliminate the targets 47 and good luck!

Feel free to re-create both of these on PC/XBox if you want.


I tried playing this one before! Had a bit of a hard time with it but i might give it another try. :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ve successfully re run this contract several times I believe, but the Detailed Score has been refusing to load. My score has gone from 201,463 (1:04) to 202,439 and I believe I completed the contract in 56 seconds. I’m having a lot of issues with staying connected (Disconnected 6 or 7 times in the course of an hour) and so I’m not sure if that’s got something to do with the score not loading. I’ve got a night shift to get ready for now but I’ll try again in the morning, in the meantime I’ll post the video below.

(Problem solved by Ed_II3)

Sounds of Animals Fighting 56 Seconds.


I think it’s the same for all of us @ILikeGAMESish, the servers have been rank since disc release (at least on XB1, can’t vouch for the other platforms). Not been disconnected this much for months.

There is a trick to make your score appear: when you get to the blank scorecard, go to replan and hit A, then hit B and it will take you back to where the blank scorecard was (except now it should have your score and time). If you check the last few videos posted, you’ll see what I mean at the end of most of them.

@Forsane - Thanks for another great series, and for making one of the few tidy Icon contracts I’ve played. In fact the last four of the series were all excellent and challenging in different ways.

Wyman - Series Two

Kaiseki (1/6)

Chaokuai (2/6)

Digestivo (3/6)

Blodpalt (4/6)

Engastration (5/6)

Juste Les Desserts (6/6)


Glad you enjoyed them so much Ed!

For anyone else who wants to give the 2nd Series a go, here are the names and IDs of the contracts in order. One or two missions have been put into place to switch up the pace, just a reminder that speed doesn’t always mean good. Although I’ll admit the inconsistencies in the game at the moment make some of these more difficult. Thank you so much to everyone and anyone who has given me feedback, please keep it up. I’m already considering a possible 3rd series if the feedback for series 2 is well received. Hope you have fun and good luck!

“Kaiseki. A Japanese art form that honours the taste and aesthetic of what we eat.”

  1. Kaiseki : 3-10-2382739-54
  2. Chaokuai : 3-08-8065296-54
  3. Digestivo : 3-05-2901393-54
  4. Blodpalt : 3-06-0409324-54
  5. Engastration : 3-09-8269896-54
  6. Juste Les Desserts : 3-02-0496905-54 (The Finale)


Contract Series Thread (2016)