Hitmanforum member contracts


Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Platform: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-04-3480278-05
Location: Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)


Are these on ps4?


Nope, just Xbox one.


Would you mind posting these in the contract series thread?


It makes them easier to find for those looking for a series, and it means they won’t be drowned out by endless waves of speedruns and other contracts.


Planning to do a Season 2 of “Angels,” with an entirely different goal, I’ll be sure to post it in @Silverballer’s Contract Series Thread. Cheers!

little briefing of S2 - Serafini

Good evening, 47. After your confrontation with Wolfrunner, the client who hired you to kill him has came face to face with the ICA. His name is Levi Risbucci. Risbucci is an arms dealer that deals with high level trades across the world. He has informed us that a new man, codename Avarizia (avarice), has planned to progress Wolfrunner’s work. This means causing a blackout not only in the USA, but in the entire world. You must work with Risbucci and find out who Avarizia is. These 8 contracts might be a blur. Good luck.

I hear them calling, 47. Serafini, 47. Serafini.


Thanks for the solution regarding the score there, OP edited. I’m guessing it is to be expected with more users on the servers, hopefully issues can be ironed out soon.

Also nice runs!


Hi, I haven’t found any good contracts in Landslide yet, can any of you tell me one?


Try this one that Euler posted a couple of posts up. It’s very tricky and is annoying me.


I play on PS4 :confused:
20 chars
I’m going to recreate the contract :wink:


@ILikeGAMESish: Yes, it’s quite a tricky one. :wink: I’ll post a video of my run in a few days.

In the meantime, I’ve done another contract for Landslide. It’s not easy by any means, but it’s certainly easier than the other one.

Title: Silence Is Golden
Platform: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-04-5272844-05
Location: Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)

Re-created by @Bending_Cheese67 for PS4: 2-04-4407069-57


I’ll give this one a shot. As I have yet to play the actual Landslide mission I am finding them challenging.


I’d strongly recommend playing Landslide first because you will be able to take advantage of some mechanics in the game and have a greater awareness of the NPC movements. You will do a lot of following and observing to complete all the challenges/opportunities.


Does anyone know any good contracts in Landslide for PS4?


Feel free to re-create my last one: Silence Is Golden (the targets are the three band members). There are no restrictions, so just mark the targets, throw one or two ducks on stage, blow them up, and exit. Obviously the challenge is then to do it SA (which I did during the testing and creation myself) and I’d love to see how people go about it.


Just re-created Silence is Golden on PS4 ;).
ID: 2-04-4407069-57
I’m gonna do a speedrun and post it here tomorrow ;).


You beat me to it! I just had this idea today.


Cool thx for heads up I just joined the community on ps4 look forward to trying some out


Week Motto: Landslide only
6 Contracts + 2 Special Super Bros. Contract:

  1. Cold Blood Murderer (2-04-9286606-94)
  2. O Sole mio (2-04-4281101-94)
  3. Ramazotti senza Giacco (2-04-8306955-94)
  4. San Sapienza (2-04-7499100-94)
  5. Searching for Yoshi (2-04-2320335-94)
  6. Super Drowning Bros. (2-04-2582744-94)

  1. Super Sniper Bros. 1 (2-04-5031962-94)
  2. Super Sniper Bros. 2 (2-04-4629733-94)


Cold Blood Murderer


O Sole mio