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@Bending_Cheese67: Thanks for re-creating Silence Is Golden. I’ve added your contract ID to my original post.

My best time is 3:02. I’ll hold back on my video for a bit, but here’s the scorecard.

However, looking at the leaderboard, it seems that @ILikeGAMESish has an interesting strategy, which if he can pull off without a body being found, will be a little over 2 minutes. Now, that would be impressive.


I believe I may have cracked a strategy, I’ll just see if I can get a better time.


Hannibal fan? Haha just because of that I’ll give them a whirl.


They changed the bohemian’s name?! D:


He’s still Torres Piombo in The World of Tomorrow. The World of Tomorrow bohemian and the Landslide bohemian are two different bohemians, apparently.


@Euler13 Done :wink:


I had a quick go at this one this morning too. @Euler13

Hadn’t really been near Landslide since launch day, as I had something sub 1m planned offline, then by the time the game had re-installed after bugging out a bunch of people had already hit 30 seconds (pissed me off tbh).

That’s my excuse for cheesing it anyway; and it was a blessed relief to play something which required some thinking after a while on Hokkaido in Pro mode :blush:





On PS4, very cool Contract Idead!


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 How did you killed them???


Suit only with a BC+Fire Extinguisher. But took me about 30 tries to find that exact route, cause a lot can go wrong…


You understand the pain I am going through


I decided to go for funny kill :wink:
1 hour trying, really frustrating…


My run is maybe fast but not very creativ like Eulers or yours after seen them :wink: I can post it if you´re interested