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I wanna see it :wink:


Sounds like an incredible run. I have only found one FE on the map and that takes about a minute to grab and get back from, same with propane.


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@Bending_Cheese67, @Ed_ll3, and @CHAOS_AGENT_45, thanks for playing my contract and sharing your runs.

After all this time I’ve just discovered that the propane tank is not as powerful as the fire extinguisher! Using PT and BC doesn’t kill all three targets; it has a much smaller blast radius. My original run used one propane tank, but I was waiting for the band to come off stage (~6 minutes) then I figured out that I could use two propane tanks and got it down to 3:02. I don’t normally like to re-do contracts after I’ve found the best route I could come up myself, but once I saw that the FE could do it in one go I had to go back and give it another go.

Silence Is Golden (0:54) [Suit Only]


Hehe you didn’t know? Fun fact though: The area in which u can set off a PT is larger than an FE. Prolly explained that wrong but what i meant was if you would use a duck, the duck can be further away for the pt than the FE and still trigger it.

Hope i made sense, im bad at explaining


Yes, that makes perfect sense. I just don’t think I’ve used either the FE or PT to take out multiple targets before. I like to shoot the PT once and use it for smoking targets, but if I ever use them with a BC - I do prefer to find alternatives, honest! - they’re normally for one target. So I’d never realised that the PT had such a smaller blast radius. And that’s good to know about the range of the duck. As they say, every day is a learning day. :wink:


Absolutely. Although it certainly wasn’t very original from my perspective. It was like a mash-up of your run and @Ed_ll3’s. So the real credit goes to you both. :clap:

@Bending_Cheese67: I meant to say how much I loved your creative solution. The targets queuing up to get electrocuted was very cooperative of them. :laughing:


@Euler13 Well, It took 1 frustrating as hell hour for them to cooperate without non-target kills :wink:


Haha! I was saying it somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I tried something similar, but I had random NPCs coming on stage to take photos and get in the way. That incredible patience makes your run even more awesome!


@Bending_Cheese67: I have done another contract, but I think it’s really tough. No one has managed to complete it yet, but there is so much content at the moment that it’s probably sitting on some to-do lists or they’ve taken a look and thought. Nah! If you’ve got the time it’d be great if you could re-create it and play it. However, it’s going to be a tricky one to re-create because you need to be dressed as the photographer. The targets are five of the models.

There are six models in total and the client is the only model that isn’t a target; she’s on the beach with two other models, and she’s the one closest to the stage.


@Euler13 I tried to recreate that one and i failed over and over.


Uuh thats looks pretty nice! someone made it on PS4?


I realize there is a wealth of good content right now which is probably why it has been a while since I posted a contract. I’ve been too busy playing the good stuff to make something new! I figured we might be just about getting to the point where someone might appreciate a intermezzo between the deluge of Landslide contracts so I thought it might be fun to return to another bonus contract. As usual, hope my Xbox homiez @Euler13, @Ed_ll3 and @mungadungalis enjoy. For those of you not on the Xbone feel free to recreate.


New Rival for Election

ID: 1-04-0893401-41

@GuLe @fkgfw @BernardoOne @Wulpenstein @mendietinha


Intermezzo accepted! :grin:
Your contracts are always awesome. I’ll do Tumbling Education Standards (very timely) today!


@Brian_Cartwright: I’ll try to play it tomorrow.

It’s been a few days since I published my other Landslide contract and no one has uploaded a run yet. If you’re still planning to play it then don’t watch this video, but if you’re not likely to get around to playing it because there is so much other content to get through and/or you are just curious of one way it can be done then I thought I’d upload my best run. I’m not sure how I feel about the contract. It’s always a problem in limiting options when you pick static targets. Anyway…

Drop Dead Gorgeous (7:28)


Here’s a new puzzle contract I made!

PC Contract - A Prayer Answered - 1-03-8810590-76

I’d love to see your solutions, @GuLe @fkgfw @mendietinha @Wulpenstein


I enjoyed @Brian_Cartwright, however there are probably more efficient ways to get this done.

Tumbling Education Standards - (6:16)

Was trying to get to one of the targets a lot quicker but kept failing. I think grinding these Pro unlocks is numbing my brain in all honesty. :expressionless: :joy:

Hopefully @Euler13, @mungadungalis, or another XBer can cook up something good for it.


Decided to have some fun in Bangkok.

The Himmapan Opium Company