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99% sure they’re on Xbox One.


Aww pump fiction one looks super cool. I would recreate if i wasn’t busy with this other project.


Haha, relax, the boy was probably 8 years old in 05. It’s 2017 (or 2019 in game) the boy would be in his mid 20’s by now.

Besides, the target is the cause of 47’s fear of ducks, he can’t let that slide :joy: Even if it is 17 years later lol


Gave Pump fiction a go, think I have a strat, but haven’t executed it just yet.


I did some research into Moroccan mythology for these two contracts.

The Qarin
PC Contract, Marrakesh

In North African folklore, every human being has a shadow spirit double. This doppelganger is called a Qarin.

A human and their Qarin normally live parallel lives with little interaction. There is rarely trouble, but on occasion, a Qarin will become angry with their human counterpart, and their motives will turn to evil.

If ever you should see your double, feel fear. You are bound to suffer misfortune.

Aisha Kandisha
PC Contract, Night Marrakesh

Few Moroccans are fully at ease saying the name of Aisha Kandisha, the Woman Under Water.

At times a gorgeous woman with the legs of a camel, at other times a hag, Aisha Kandisha arises from water to seduce men. She has thousands in her thrall. Those who displease her are drowned.

A wild-eyed citizen claiming to be in her service has offered us a contract on her behalf. He is surely deluded, but the money is real. Lead these ex-lovers to water, 47, and let “Aisha Kandisha” take them.


@Ed_ll3 I really liked this contract, especially the silenced shotgun mayhem.


Dealt with my burnout on The Warlord by cooking this up. No goofy disguises, no weird weapons, no hinky bullcrap. I just want y’all to shoot that weird woman who lies about being caught in traffic to avoid buying milk. Xbox gents, @The5secondrule, @Ed_ll3, @Euler13 and @mungadungalis hopefully you will dig it. At least I was able to avoid the temptation to shoot the first target as Jingles.


I made a new contract, first one in a while. Hope the XB1 crowd enjoy it (it’s nothing too stressful).

Corporal Punishment

ID: 3-06-9163918-78


Not watched your run yet as I haven’t had the chance to give it a go; if that’s the case though, I’m glad it played as planned. :slight_smile:


@Ed_ll3: Just done Pump Fiction. Personally I find these ones tough, but another greater contract.

Pump Fiction (3:47)

@The5secondrule: I’ve just watched your incredible 3:25 run. Congratulations! :clap:


Sorry for the double post, but I’ve been taking a welcomed break from pro mode to do some contracts, which is what I really enjoy about this game…

The Basadonne Libation (4:30)

@Brian_Cartwright: That was a nice selection of well placed targets. :+1:


I’ve just been working on this contract and was thinking similar. Played a bit more of Marrakesh Pro this morning, then got strong-armed into 2+ hours of Minecraft; after that I’ve been feeling grateful this mode exists, and that we get so much great content for it. :smile:

Thanks for both playing ‘Pump Fiction’ as well. They look like good times. Even if I don’t get a chance to try it beforehand, I’ll give these a watch this evening. @The5secondrule @Euler13


I think I might have a start for a better time, but it’s in testing at the moment. Loving this contract, hope it gets featured (saw the submission).


Corporal Punishment (2:42)

@The5secondrule: I really enjoyed this one once I had a route figured out. The timing of the guards I dismissed was the trickiest part. For the first target kill a couple of seconds earlier and the one passing by the printing press witnesses it (sadly invisible wall at eye level) and a couple of seconds later and the second one who comes through the door witnesses it.


Hey Brian! I’ll try yours in tonight’s stream. Looking forward to it. :thumbsup:
@The5secondrule I’ll try yours too! What is your Xbox gamertag? :smile:


It’s RiderOfBarrels :slight_smile:

Also what time is the stream? I’d love to watch if I’m free.


Cool! I usually start around 5pm EST, give or take a few dozen minutes :rolling_eyes: and go for about 4-5 hours depending on how I’m feeling. twitch.tv/mungadungalis :slight_smile:


@mungadungalis: I’ll try to drop into your stream later too. I’ve done both of those today and although I think I got a good run on @The5secondrule’s contract, my times are definitely beatable. I’d love to hear you give me a “Boom!” when you beat me. :wink:

For anyone else who hasn’t ever checked out Munga’s Twitch stream I can highly recommend it. A great bunch of people usually hang out and, as well as being a great player, Munga is the king of entertainment.


@mungadungalis I’ll check your stream out :wink:


Agreed, only too bad he always has to cheat by running.