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anyone played my contract? :smiley:
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I’d like to have your thoughts


Had any luck with it? @Silverballer

Just checking Corporal Punishment, and it seems to be a bit trickier than I’d first thought. :joy:


Almost. I’m gonna do it if it kills me :smiling_imp: Some of it is based on luck of head turning and coin throws, so I have to do a lot of restarts.


This was a great contract to bomb around on, really enjoyed it. @Brian_Cartwright

Couldn’t find a route to beanie guy any quicker than this though unfortunately. :pensive:


Damnit! I was so close to perfecting a strat for Pump Fiction, but im a few seconds off @The5secondrule. I think I know how to cut those few seconds, but I’ll have to do it tomorrow.


Keep at it mate, perseverance is key. :wink: @Silverballer

I’ve got something for Corporal Punishment clocking in around 2:30 @The5secondrule, but the footage is corrupted. I’ll try to run it again with the Elgato refreshed to hopefully re-capture. I think it’s fairly different to @Euler13’s going by the description above. If I get it sorted, I’ll post up in a bit.

e: Got it to 2:22. I’d say there’s still some room to cut that down further (@mungadungalis) . Started it uploading so should be available soon. Might have to catch it on YT though, as I’m being shouted at to get off the computer sharpish. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


New contract, my first in Landslide :wink:

The Valentine Complex

Contract ID: 3-04-4060865-41

A Shakespearean Tragedy: Kill Dott. Docciaborso with poison, kill Lucia Doria after pacifying her with the modern sedative syringe and kill Monia Bellini with a modern lethal syringe. This is an optional challenge that is pretty fun to do but doesn’t really work for speedrunners.

Have a go at it :wink: @Ed_ll3 @Euler13 @mungadungalis


I’ll do it! lol :grin: I’ve been loving Landslide.


Same here, it’s a great place for contracts. I’m sure there will be a lot more here from me after this.


I don’t usually do sniping contracts, so I thought I’d give one a go.

Title: Justice for Mother Nicoletti
Platform: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-03-3054449-05
Location: Sapienza


I made a fun little contract for World of Tomorrow. There’s no real narrative here, I just think the targets have interesting paths which should make for some healthy competition. Xbox crew, go get em. :slight_smile:

The Oppenheimer Legacy

ID: 3-03-8835513-78

On a side note university is about to start up again. Granted I’ll still be able to make and play contracts, just not with the same frequency as before.


I started to work something out for ‘Oppenheimer Legacy’ this morning @The5secondrule, and stumbled onto a 2:20 run. Got back from the cinema 30 or so minutes ago thinking it would be easy to replicate, but apparently that’s not the case. :laughing:


I saw you had a great leaderboard score earlier, would be good to see that run!


How did you get on with it? @ILikeGAMESish

Didn’t realize how RNG-heavy the 2:20 run was; the attempt I had this morning must have been golden. I was initially getting one graveyard bodyguard distracted with the FE placed slightly closer to the door, then getting both gardeners with needles (the other guard goes over to investigate the body by the cliff). This way was much more reliable:


I got 189,000 ish as a score very similar execution but I have not unlocked the morgue as a starting point. On my way home now so I will record and post my run.


Great contract!

Here we go, @Ed_ll3. This morning I managed to use the tractor by the shed to distract the guards, however after 30 or more resets this evening I haven’t been able to recreate it. So I’ve kind of pinched your ending instead!


@Ed_ll3 and @ILikeGAMESish: I found a route that was using the lawnmower explosion, but it was heavily dependent on luck and it was taking about 2 minutes. I was about to give up and go for a much safer solution then I saw your times and thought there has to be a better way. I hope you enjoy my method…

The Oppenheimer Legacy (1:27)

@The5secondrule: As you said, that was some really good target placement. Good job!


Congrats Euler, love the confession box kills. I had no idea the contract could be done sub 2mins. Thanks everyone for playing.


Those paired Youtube thumbnails of Dr. 47 kicking a gardener off a cliff (1, 2) make for a hilarious diptych.


Wow, brilliant run! Well played!