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We could get a funky triptych going if @ILikeGAMESish upped his thumbnail game. :wink:

Both of those runs are great, and that’s a sweet time considering the trek from the lab. Very nicely done though @Euler13: that confessional routine was clinical.


My thumbnail game leaves much to be desired, that I will concede. I think the run from the lab pretty much made up for the time it took you to grab the uniform and FE. I definitely need to finish my mastery on these maps to keep up with your guys level of playing!


Yeah definitely; there’s always new approaches, but it really helps to have played the maps a lot. You end up having locked-in kills for some targets, and a lot of the time it’s possible to build various paths from there depending on what’s available and the criteria.


I like this contract (also another one called Aisha Kandisha).
Both of them require some tricks and good timing.
Again it’s too bad that I can’t even try those contracts which look interesting in other platforms when I see the recent discussion.


@Silverballer: I completed your contract today meeting all the challenge requirements. Doria was a right pain. I was getting spotted in just about every location in the flower shop administering the sedative syringe and if I tried to move her body then you would get Body Found almost instantly. Anyway, here’s my run. Right at the end I thought her body had been found, hence my hesitation, but it must have been Bellini in the crypt.

The Valentine Complex (7:24)

NOTE: Although this contract could be completed a lot quicker using any method and any disguise @Silverballer asked for it to be completed with additional challenges attached: Docciaborsa needed to be killed with consumed poison, Bellini had to be killed with lethal syringe, and Doria had to have her neck snapped after being incapacitated with a sedative syringe (dropped by Docciaborsa).


Did it take you longer than @mungadungalis to do this one :wink:

Congratulations. The Shakespearean Tragedy challenge certainly makes it a lot harder, its a pretty easy contract otherwise.


I know it was only yesterday that I published it, but I’m going to upload a video of my run of my own “sniper” contract to encourage others to try it out. I’m not a great sniper, which is why I wanted to make one of these contract, but this run is how I intended to solve it. It does depend on a lot of luck, which is a real downside to any contract. So I’d love someone to smash my time and I’m sure some of you real snipers could find a much better approach.

Justice for Mother Nicoletti (5:19)

Also this was a great opportunity to use the lovely Sieger 300 Advanced sniper rifle.


Not a great sniper myself, but I’ll check it out when I finish the Oppenheimer Legacy!

EDIT: @Euler13 was this made a while ago? It came up pretty late on in my search bar, close to contracts like A Christmas Carol.


Strange? I only published it yesterday. What were you searching for?


‘Justice’. It was way back in the queue, considering I made ACC about 2 months ago.


I might recreate that The Oppenheimer Legacy one.

Looks fun


New contract for Xbox One!

A Good Ol’ Fashioned Mutiny

I made this one to compensate for the rather poor ‘Friends in High Places’ contract in Marrakesh. This one is hard: not quite Blindness and Sight, but if anyone gets faster than 20 minutes SA I’ll be amazed. Good luck Xboxers! @Ed_ll3 @Euler13 @mungadungalis @ILikeGAMESish @The5secondrule


@Euler13 @The5secondrule

Well i got 1.13 on that contract. Don’t think i’ll upload it tho, run wasn’t that impressive and i think it can be done faster.
But had enough for today


Here are two new contracts placed in Sapienza, during sunset and day. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

This first one was a little bit creative in my opinion, using targets sometimes passed by people in the normal game:

Staning The Ashphalt - 3-03-8215352-49

This second one has to be one of my favorites in Sapienza. I really hope this contract gets into the featured contracts that will be released this month :wink: I highly prefer this contract over the other one, but both are still in my like area.

The Silvestra Obituary - 3-04-0784671-49


The Fire Down Below
ID: 1-04-4132721-02

Watching @mungadungalis streaming a Landslide contract gave me a couple ideas and 2-3 dead plumber contracts later I ended up with this. The targets are all close to the stage and none are difficult to kill, but there’s a lot of order prioritizing and juggling steps to make everything happen in a timely fashion. I am 100% certain there is a particular clutch shot (well more throw than shot) that can make this go a solid 30s faster (if not more), but I’m not good enough to pull it off. It’d have been much easier if I hadn’t sort of made the loadout options more restrictive, but that ended up making it kind of interesting to puzzle out (the route I thought was ideal is a solid minute slower than the one I eventually discovered).

Remember that Abiatti can go into Target Lockdown. The things that do send him into that vs. the things that don’t surprised me.


I actually submitted this one to the official featured contract submission thread at Square Enix. I think it really captures a lot of the locations and the unique characters on the map in a challenging puzzle style contract. Enjoy!

Title: Accidentally Killed Myself - Landslide
Contract ID: 3-04-4355150-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)


First attempt, hope it’s a good try

Title: Call It Quits
Contract ID: 1-04-6768976-73
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza Landslide
Description: Timing is important


I went back for another nibble at ‘Oppenheimer Legacy’ this morning. Such a good contract; there’s so many routes to try. :yum:


nope it´s not decent i´m 22 sec faster than you :grin:


Your video is private so no one other than you can watch it.