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Is that a time for old-school Cafe Clearout? If so, that brings back some memories; was a fun one!


it´s been fixed :sweat_smile:


Looking for some feedback on which of my existing contracts I should submit for featured! Thoughts fellas?


I personally really liked the Jingles Reprisal, but I think the Cole Conflaguration was well liked by those that played it.


I’ve enjoyed all the ones played, so it’s a really tough call.

Out of the more difficult ones I’d say ‘Torraca Tension’, ‘Bang, bang sploosh’, or ‘Cycle of Violence’.

Could see Basadonne Libation being popular too.

At a push, as a favourite I’d probably go for this beast:


@Euler13 I gave Justice for Mother Nicoletta a shot.

[spoiler]It’s really hard to get a half decent time. I’m convinced I can silently kill all targets from the viewpoint beneath the obsevatory, and both guards are very easy to turn around then kill, but the fishermen are really hard. The reason of this being that two shots nearby them will send them into an alert mode where they look towards you and never move, but you need to take these shots to distract them. Very fun contract though, I hope I’ll nail it soon.


Can anyone tell me a good player contract for ps4??


Sounds of Animals Fighting, and search up ‘Armour and Shields’ or ‘Bolivian Payback’ for a series.

All @STEVEORSOMTHING’s contracts.


All of them.



The Silvestra Obituary (3:01)

Doubt I’ve done this contract any justice. It’s been a long day, and these ladies probably deserved a more elegant demise. @Remedy


What is it with you and explosive accidents :laughing:


I know it’s cheap, but it’s quite fun running around like a one-man terror unit at times.

To me it’s like one clean FE kill cancels out one shitty glitch, bug, or run ruined by being seen through a wall. It’s all about balance. :wink:


Well, the bomb disposal industry must be flourishing in the Hitman world.


I did @Remedy’s contract around lunchtime today and thought I had a good time. I’ve just come back in this evening and was about to upload it only to discover that @Ed_ll3 has smashed my time… again! :wink: Great job, Ed.

Anyway, I was pleased with this run.

The Silvestra Obituary (4:22)


Today has been a very strange day. Played some contracts this morning on four hours sleep; after taking the kids to see the grandparents, and six hours of motorway driving, I got back in and saw Remedy’s contracts. Loaded up the first one, saw where the targets were, and knew I wasn’t up for it. :laughing:

After FEing the second one, and after a few vodkas, I’ve managed to improve the time on ‘Justice for Mother Nicoletti’ from this morning:

Obviously not happy with the ways and means, but it’s the best I’ve got so far and thought you might want to check it.

What I’ve been trying to do is source a similar method to the one I used here

but it seems very difficult from the harbour side of the map. It’s a real shame these contracts aren’t multi-platform. It would be great to see @Quine, @JDMHatch_G, or some other sharp shots give this a go.

I think @Silverballer was on the right lines with shots and distractions from below the observatory, though I haven’t properly tried it out yet.

Anyway, I’m sure that’s more than enough from me. Night-night all. :wink:


Great work, Ed!

I’m just watching @mungadungalis playing it now on his Twitch stream.



ID: 1-04-4794208-41

i made divided divine #1 in Sapieanza 5 months ago, you all loved that. ( old one id= 1-03-4010222-41 )
i decided to make one for landslide version.
i hope you all enjoy with this one

@GuLe @Fortheseven @mendietinha @fkgfw @Kotti @BernardoOne @Wulpenstein @scm97tl


@Silverballer: I was all set up to do your “mutiny” contract and had a plan. Then I realised I’d only accounted for four officers. Where was the fifth? In the consulate garage!!! Sorry, but I don’t have the patience for that… in the prisoner disguise! :astonished:

Anyway, combining four of your targets and extending the title idea of @The5secondrule I’ve come up with a challenging, but doable contract. It can definitely be done in less than 10 minutes, but I’m sure with some creativity it could be done a lot quicker.

Title: Capital Punishment
Contract ID: 3-06-4588643-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Marrakesh


@Euler13 I can’t see the picture for some reason, is it killing the four officers in th school with an assault rifle as the prisoner?

If so, I have a plan already.


Four military officers w/ battle axe as the headmaster.