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A few recent contracts I made.

Check them out and let me know what you all think!!
Good luck, Agents.


Cheers @Euler13. I attempted to snag him on the loop at least a couple of dozen times, and just couldn’t get the timing right. Been having trouble with kills not registering upon exit on a few contracts recently too (though not sure it’s relevant in this instance).

Wonder what causes it? It’s like he’s walking around an invisible partition.


TITLE:Crispy Apricot
ID NUMBER: 3-09-1581737-96

You can say this bear has Apricot fever because I’m loving Colorado right now!:bear::grin::tangerine:


This is the first contract I made, and I am still quite happy with it and decided to make a preview picture to finally present it here. Have fun!

Kill Order: Shop-owner’s bastards
ID: 1-03-2014072-67
World of Tomorrow
Platform: PC


Hey! I have a contract that I want to share. Check it out sometime and give me your thoughts! (It’s on PC)


My first Contract to present my amazing story skills. Use unsilenced pistols to play how I actually intended, since Contracts mode is absolute shit and wont track any of that stuff.

Title: Blah Blah Drug Cartel Cliche Blah Blah
ID: 1-02-2747590-26
Author: AlyMar1994
Platform: PC

I should be hired at IO.


A Difficult A-sign-ment (Marrakesh): 1-06-2997112-02
Kill four sign-carrying protesters in full view of a dozen soldiers and a crowd of non-NPCs. I am 100% certain Silent Assassin is possible, though it might be a little random and I haven’t managed it yet. Be very careful if you try to snipe.


The Art Critic, placed in Landslide.
[PC] ID: 1-04-1673146-67

I tried to somewhat copy the style of elusive targets even though the restrictions are quite tight. Have fun!


The Last Fugu (0:55)

@ILikeGAMESish: The Hitman legend UnknownGamer477 was very kind (and patient) in teaching me how he completed this contract in a crazy fast time. He went for the snowmobile exit, but that depends on precision movements and timing during the first part. I took the easy option using the helicopter, but managed to get 55 seconds on this run. Normally it was around 1:02. To be honest, I’m still very inconsistent on the double coin drop lure. Most of the time the woman just walks to where I first drop it and returns to her seat (see video below).


I got 15:12 or 12:15 or something between that range. I would’ve got SA if Laurent didn’t turn around in the room with the pills. Ugh. I might retry the run. Delightful contract by the way.


Wow, that’s awesome! I’m surprised neither of us came up with that! I was definitely overthinking so well played to him. Very cool of him to let you know how he did it!

Just so I understand Rubber Duck doesn’t cause an accident kill and the only reason that got SA is because you ended the contract before the bodies could be found, right?

Also happy HMF birthday!


Thanks :smiley:

To be fair I think @Ed_ll3 had the right idea when he killed him in the main building.

That sounds like a good time you got so if you manage to complete it then fair play to you!


PS4 Sapienza Contract.
ID: 2-03-6256041-89


Posting these again from a while back. Worth a playthrough if you haven’t already. :smiley:





That’s right. There were no witnesses, but it’s all about timing and duck placement. if you do the explosion too soon then the one of the guards from nearby comes through and finds the body. If you detonate too late then you don’t get “No Unnoticed Kills” registering. Also if the duck is not placed in the correct centrally located spot then although all the targets are killed, one of the targets dies moments after the others and sees one of the bodies. So you lose No Bodies found bonus.

As I mentioned the most difficult part for me was the double coin drop lure. @LSxO, who first discovered this trick, has given me some advice on my YouTube channel, so I’ll try that out. But basically you know if she’s going to go for the second coin location if, when you turn around after dropping it for the second time, she is only just beginning to move towards it. If when you turn around she has already started moving then she only goes to the location of where you first dropped it, not the second location. I literally spend hours doing that first part, restarting again, and again, and again, getting it to work maybe 1 in every 20 attempts.


Let’s see if someone gets under the minute :slight_smile:

The Trick (PC) 1-02-5124447-67 Paris

Edit: @fkgfw did some magic I see :smiley:


I recreated on PS4, the contract looks really cool :wink:
ID: 2-02-7201609-57


@AGENT4T7 Nice Contract ;):


I think I experienced this a few times actually when trying to trigger the propane tank with the duck (either on this contract or others), there was less than a second between them but still there was enough time for the remaining npc to notice what had happened.

Yeah, I cba with that! You can have this one :smiley: