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Thats impressive. I knew I will be surprised on this one.


Fallen Shadows - A Most Dangerous Habit (4:05)

@Aegis_Chrome: I hate to say this, but I didn’t enjoy this contract very much. I have spent about 3 hours trying to get a decent route. I can’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t like it, but I’ll try to be as constructive as possible. I absolutely love your contracts, so please don’t take any of this the wrong way. And quite possibly this is coming out of three hours of personal frustration at my own failings. So…

I’d found efficient methods to deal with each of the targets separately (the bit of the planning I love in solving contract puzzles), but trying to string them together was near impossible due to the timing of other NPCs between targets. The injected poison target was straight-forward and did not depend on when I went for him, but there was a lot of randomness involved for the others. Sneaking through to the kitchen was perilous and was subject to random head turning, but once I found a good spot for garrotting and knew when to execute the move it worked most of the time. Getting away with the push on the accident fall target was like flipping a coin. Horrible target! The corridor I went along to get to the final target was not much fun either. The movement of one of the male hotel staff is completely random. Sometimes he is coming towards you (as in the video), other times he is walking away, other times he’s just standing there. He waits for a ridiculous length of time.

So in summary, I think the main two issues I had with this were the third target and the routes you had to take in your suit if you wanted to be efficient. I could find much slower, safer routes, but that’s no fun at all. I love a challenging contract, but I don’t want it to be dependent on luck.


Many happy returns @Euler13, and great work on The Last Fugu.

I don’t know if you were around a couple of weeks ago, but there was a discussion about this contract in the thread (not long after @Aegis_Chrome made it, if you want to check it) . This was my 3:33 run from back then:

I think the general consensus was that the head turns and some NPC reactions were an issue. For me, Bangkok is one of the ‘buggiest’ maps we have; some areas are fine, others quite poor for navigating at any pace.


The Boomdocks
PC contract (Sapienza at evening)

Now that we have so many explosives available, I wanted to try making a contract that challenges you to choose the best explosives for the task. The targets here are the two people dangling their feet off the docks in Landslide, along with their nearby buddies. Blow them up!


Looks fun! Remade it for XB if anyone wants to try it:



Cool! Thank you! :grin:


Yes, I must apologise for the random head turning and target placement, Bangkok has never been my favourite for targets as it is in such a confined area. Also, retrospectively, the kitchen target was an awful choice, due to (as you said) the trouble the kitchen can cause. And you don’t have to worry about me taking it the wrong way, as, most of the time, it’s more helpful if you don’t like it, as it allows me to take into consideration what NOT to do for the next one. Again, I apologise for any incovenience/annoyance the contract may have caused.


Kitchen Guy=Yellow Hat Guy in disguise


Few runs from the last couple pages.

Blah Blah Drug Cartel Cliche Blah Blah (2:09)

Curious what the “intended” path for this is. The free Stylist costume was the obvious answer and I imagine it was intended, but the extra time I got may be from the trigger diversion I make. Not sure.

Kill Order: Shop-owner’s Bastards (3:27)

I really hated doing this contract. I don’t think it’s the fault of the creator, it’s more the x-ray bugs, head turns, and the incredibly tight timing if you’re not being patient. It took me 69 runs to get and I hated every minute of it but that final scoreboard. Was it worth it in the end? Probably.

The Art Critic (3:36)

My initial run was around 5:40 so I suspected I’d hit on the same route as the creator. I could not let that stand, so shenanigans were required.

On Walkabout (5:06)

One of mine, a janky route with obvious possible improvements. The puzzle aspect is knowing there are only two boxes in A House Built On Sand, the routing is where the speed comes in and this is definitely lacking. But it was fun to make and interesting to route to see how it differs from creation.


Two of them were mine. Sorry you didn’t liked the Shop-owner’s Bastards one, this really wasn’t the intended route, but I guess you have to do such a luck based (head turning) route to get a whole step further in the highscores.

Also I feared the Art Critic can be done that fast with coins. I wonder if one is able to poison him and before he gets into the building you can knock him out and pull him into the puddle if you take care of everyone. I just failed all the times doing that.

Btw I like how you put commentary into it, thats interesting to read.


@Bending_Cheese67 that was a nice run! Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it. :smiley:


Really enjoyed your contract!


Wow, exactly 3 minutes, that is very impressive! Nice job man, really enjoyed your video. Thanks for playing :smiley::+1:


I don’t think you can electrocute people who are unconscious. Certain accidents just don’t trigger on bodies, like fire. The only “legit” way to make it go faster is to find some way to interrupt his sickness. I’ve not experimented much with that because I don’t generally want a person to stop being sick, but for this contract it’d actually be useful.

And don’t worry about the other one. Frustration is always going to be a factor in trying to push the bleeding edge of routing. It’s not your fault that x-ray bugs exist, or that things that should block LOS don’t. I could’ve waited but I really wanted to go as fast as possible. I wouldn’t have done it 69 times if I didn’t think it could be done, after all.


BBDCCBB was my first contract and I only did it to show myself how shit the game’s contracts system is and how barebones and useless it is.

You’re supposed to run down stairs near evidence, take out stylist and steal disguise, let guard escort woman into bathroom, get guard inside closet, take out guard (intended with unscilenced pistol), then poison woman in bathroom after getting suit again.

Then again, do it how you wish. I’m not using this mode again nor care so lol

EDIT: sorry, I’m not able to watch the vid since my phone can’t play audio/video for some reason. Also, to shave some seconds off you didn’t need to crouch run at the stylist. He doesn’t move if you run normally lol


(Video by UnknownGamer477)

It’s incredible to see Napoleon being used to such great effect: two accident kills (from scooters) and opening the wine shop door.

Fallen Shadows - The Cobbles Beneath (1:02)


(Video by UnknownGamer477)

The Last Fugu (0:55)

N.B. The Xbox is plagued with kills not registering. This is why he hits the pause menu at the snowmobile, to give the server a chance to register the targets as Eliminated and for Locate Exit to appear.


Fire accidents and electrocutions both can happen to unconscious people.


A pretty simple one for Hokkaido with quick disguise changes.
TITLE:Beary Manly
ID NUMBER: 3-10-0353049-96


@Nakar Beaten your score on the Shop-owner’s Bastards by 40 secs :slight_smile: