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A Sapienza contract for those with some time on their hands :slight_smile:
You’re No God
Sapienza, World of Tomorrow
Good afternoon, 47. Your targets are five scientists involved in the creation of a virus capable of wiping out ten percent of Earth’s population. Our client believes that science has gone too far and that these heathens must be stopped. Unfortunately it is too late for a Damascene conversion and another kind of divine intervention must ensue. Deliver them from evil in whatever way you see fit. Good luck, 47.


Nice! What’d you do?


Thanks for the compliment.
I picked the first target (the guy near consular) intentionally because his dictraction way is special.
The overall design of the contract has been organized, like ‘a direct way to the exit’. Since this is one of my 2 fav maps, I do want to have my contract creation trace within.
My approach is a bit different from the video btw :hamburger:


Nice contract! Real challenging. I played it but I was spotted due to damned head-turning and somehow killed a non-target.

Edit: I replayed it and got SA. Poisoned Lepardo Nigro’s coffee, threw a kitchen knife into Claudia’s brain, shot Francesca De Santis while she was rummaging through Silvio’s belongings, electrocuted the guard and blew up Silvio. Fun contract.


A lot of things differently. If you want I can give you all details or if you want to try it yourself again, atleast where the main issue was. :wink:


I’m streaming some contracts:


Here’s my version of Wyman Season 3. @Forsane

Love melee contracts, so these were great; I enjoyed the more complicated ones as well, but ‘Primal Cut’ and ‘Silent Green’ in particular were :fire:.

Trattoria (6:33)

Estaminet (3:22)

Pastilla (3:49)

Fusion Cuisine (5:09)

Primal Cut (1:33)

Silent Green (2:36)


Wish i could watch. I’m stuck at work right now.


It is over already, but i will probably stream again tomorrow :wink:


Breath Robber (1:54)

:bear: :heart: @scm97tl

Things move so fast in here that I didn’t end up commenting the other day, but I agree with you on Colorado; been really enjoying the map recently, since coming back from the Pro mode version (Hokkaido too).


Beautiful man, I’m really gonna have to work hard at the last series to make it a real finale.


@Ed_ll3: I’ve not tried those contracts yet, so I won’t watch your videos, but the thumbnails you’ve been doing recently are awesome. Are you doing something different?


Thanks @Euler13. Nothing different afaik; just capture a shot from whatever’s been played.


This Post is just for my good buddy @Silverballer so he can do something. Feel free to check these contracts out if you want though.

Sounds Of Animals Fighting


Cut-Throat Business

Man Who Sold The World


Made a new one. I dont even know if SA is possible but have fun!

Psychology of Fear (PC) 1-09-0476563-67


Is William Candler the man being interrogated by Ezra Berg?


Yes he is. ,.–.,,.–


Oh man, this looks insanely tricky.


SA is very much possible. And Nice contract too!!


I believe you can use an explosive to kill both Candler and Berg but yeah. Did you do Wicker Man?