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No went the explosion way on my run but for a SA one might have to do a very frustrating Wicker run. I feel sorry already for anyone trying that without killing non-targets. I am not sure to try it myself if some magican uploads a video doing SA in half my time the next day.


Actually, the CX demo block might just work.


Did that, spotted kill. Dont know in what radius I have to get rid of npc’s. :smiley:


Actually, that’s what works more reliable. You can do it relatively quick by starting as militia soldier by the greenhouse, going for the scarecrow outfit and running to the house. KO the soldier there and kill Ezra with poison, then KO his escort and get inside to KO the guard of the prisoner. Place the C4 and run to the bridge exit.


Some did wickerman SA with the chameleon et. You just have to move the disguise before hand as in the videos.
So it’s easy to avoid non target kills.


PS4 Paris Contract


Wish they would make it so you can just set the saber as kill restrictions, so it’s up to the player to either throw or melee it


You can’t already? It’s not like the Nne Obara machete where you can have melee or thrown? Am I understanding you right?


i agree with you. there is no logical explanation for “throw” or “melee”. even they are not using these restrictions in their escalations


This 100%. I made a contract the other day and @mungadungalis played it. He didn’t realise the restriction to kill one of the targets was a thrown machete not a melee and he had to resart the whole mission.


When you are creating a contract, based on how you kill a target yourself (so either throw or melee), that’s how the restriction will be. I just want the game to only recognize the weapon, and leave it up to the player to decide to throw or melee it.


Oh ok. Gotcha. I knew that already. But ya, wish they would have specific items with their own options. Can’t believe absolution is still better with contracts mode.


I agree, it really shouldn’t matter as long as it’s the same weapon. But that’s how it is, nothing I can do about that lol


Well it should matter if it’s up to the contract creator. But the creator should have 3 kill options: melee, thrown and any.


Well yeah, I’d agree if an “any” was also an option as well. But how it is now, it’s either one or the other.


You dont have to shoot the bells as scarecrow? Well that makes it easier indeed.


Exactly. It’s clear from the escalations they create that they are able to set restrictions to weapon type. I wonder if it’s an oversight and they thought we could? For example, after killing someone during contract creation by pushing them off a ledge then at the end we are able to cycle kill methods through Fall Accident, Any Method, Any Accident.

I’m not sure, but can we already do the same with poisons? That is, after using, say, Injected Poison we can cycle through Injected Poison, Any Method, Any Poison?


Yup, poisons work that way.

I also wish guns had more tiers. If I kill someone with an unsilenced pistol, I should be able to choose from Ballistic, Ballistic (unsilenced), Pistol, and Pistol (unsilenced). Maybe even the particular type of pistol so it would make players find it in the level first… though I honestly don’t know how that would play given that we never have call to look for particular gun types.


Yes. You can change between consumed, injected or any kind of poisoning.


Accidents are the same way. Throw someone off a cliff and you can choose between Accident (Fall), Accident, or Any Method. Not sure about Explosion vs. Explosion (Accident) and Explosive Device.

Also, Pistol Elimination is not inclusive with Pistol, which is very stupid. If I want you to kill the target with a Pistol then I’m perfectly fine with you doing so via an elimination. Pistol Elimination itself makes sense as a way to force someone to get into melee range with a target instead of shooting them, but the reverse doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’d be nice if there were more toggles in general. Being able to set Melee Kill as a toggle from any Fiber Wire or melee weapon/unarmed kill would be nice; so for example, kill someone with a Saber and you could toggle between Saber (Melee), Saber (Thrown), Saber (Any), Melee (Any), and Any Method. Also generic Explosion from any accidental or device explosion (I am fine with Explosive Device being its own thing for the same reasons as Pistol Elimination of course).