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PS4 Bangkok Contract.
Read Briefing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: Actually, if you play your cards right, it is possible to do this whole contract without hiding a single body and you will still get SA. I’ll just say, timing and positioning is everything! Speedrun is also possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Sapienza ps4 contract


What a great theme! I can’t speak to how well these contracts play, but the idea is A-Plus.

Now I’m thinking about other Shakespearean plays and their associated contracts. Is This a Dagger Which I See Before Me? :grin:


I wanted to come back to this one now that we have legshots, but legshotting both dudes and killing the target with the axe while they’re on the grounds gives a noticed kill =(

Oh well, I rekketed it anyway.


yooo give us a video then


Didn’t record, get rekt m8

EDIT: Don’t worry m8, did it again with a better score and the most bullshit unnoticed kill ever!


Apart from Medival sounding like a script drug or prototype robot nurse from the future, you should be rightly proud of this one. :wink:

Medival Doctorate Simulator - (7:11)

Was surprised how many options were available considering the restrictions, and I didn’t even try that many; top bracket Sapienza shenanigans. @Silverballer


Great run! I tried a run which was about 5 minutes but it relied on an extremely accurate throw, and I couldn’t nail it.


Was that to get the female house staff to arrive quicker?

We’ve been having some (non-server related) internet issues and a few power cuts today. Not sure what was going on, but it was difficult to get the time to explore all the options. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a much quicker way to juggle the first three and get it to 5m or under. Really is a good contract; hopefully it gets noticed and considered for the Featureds.


What I did was:

Started the same way as you, but subduing and hiding the chef, but lured the guard on the bench upstairs straight away. While he was going up I needled the guy who needed to be poisoned and legshot-subdued the other guy. Then I grew the mixtape across to caruso’s room (this was the hard throw: I needed to lure the shotgun guy and not his friend) and subdued the guard (who should have been just at the cliff by now) with a thrown crowbar over the railing. I then ran to the girl and subdued her (she was coming up the observatory stairs, investigating the noise made when I legshotted the housekeeper) and went outside to push the bosygiard off the cliff. Then I went back to the observatory roof and waited for the guard to go back to the staircase that connects the first and second floors, subdued him there and dumped him off the roof. Ran back to the girl, shotgunned her, and hid her in a box in the observatiry. Didn’t get past that point as I was spotted on the way down.


@ILikeGAMESish you remember Sounds of Animals Fighting, that contract which you posted like 4 runs of? I beat your time by one second :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome :smiley: Well done man! That was a brilliant contract :slight_smile:


I’m sick today, so I decided to work on a new HITMAN series. I was doing the briefing for the contract. I removed the restrictions to give the player more free roam. Enough about that. I was almost done with the briefing, then it resets. The title went back to “Kill Order: blah blah blah”, the description was completely changed back to “contract clear to engage blah blah” and the targets’ restrictions were back. Has this happened to anybody else or…?


Happened to me a couple of times.

It resets everything if you get disconnected while writing up the details afaik (so it’s a race to save and publish, which sucks with the frequency of disconnects in recent weeks).


That’s a brilliant run, I’ve been looking at this contract the past couple of days and I had I believe an 8-9 minute run starting from the kitchen but nothing that tops this, good going :smiley:


New Xbox One contract I made while messing about in Hokkaido.

Fire, Water and Ice
ID: 3-10-3112485-41

This one was a nice, quick contract. My best time is 32 seconds.


Thanks mate. Keep going at it if you’ve got the time/patience. There’s a good number of approaches to this one, and I’m sure there’s many that can chop the time down a fair bit more.


Began trying the first one, still have to find out how you got such a good score. Well done making me bite :smiley: Also, killing Franchi with a Folding Knife? I see what you did there!


Trattoria (6:17)

@Forsane: I really enjoyed this contract. I believe that it is part of a series, but which ones come next?


Series 3

Trattoria - ID: 3-04-6238066-54
Estaminet - ID: 3-02-2236589-54
Pastilla - ID: 3-07-7682172-54
Fusion Cuisine - ID: 3-08-0404173-54
Primal Cut - ID: 3-09-5043998-54
Silent Green - ID: 3-10-0934498-54