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PS4 Sapienza Contract
ID: 2-03-2564319-89

(This is the same contract I posted above, but realized I had typos after I already published the contract lol so this is just the same one, with the corrected briefing Damn my OCD! :blush:


After a few months off, I have another addition to my series of SASO Sniper contracts! Up above, @kat has posted some SASO Sniper contracts based in Evening Sapienza that she says are easy; I have one that I think is fiendishly difficult.

The Most Devout
PC Contract - Evening Sapienza

Good evening, 47. The three targets in your dossier are claimed by our client to be the most spiritual individuals in all of Sapienza. We are told that this is reason for their elimination. The justification here is unclear at best, and we would normally demand more details… but when a contract comes direct from the Vatican, we can occasionally make allowances.

There’s an easy SA built into this contract if you’re willing to ferry around the sniper rifle in a bodyguard suit. But the most impressive runs will be done SO. You have to use lots of neat tricks. I still can’t quite nail it myself, but I’ve done all the parts individually and I’m confident that it can be done. (I’m going to keep playing it myself until I nail it.)

(I’m really hoping that SO runs will be the fastest runs. In this level, I found it pretty hard to safeguard against strategies that would let players just put on a bodyguard outfit and carry the sniper to a really simple and advantageous position. I did my best to block that.)


SO not too much harder; I managed it in one full run. Just had to account for where the female target was and what to do with her, outside of that moving the rifle around is no sweat. I just have to do it much faster, as the routing I gravitated toward had some dead time.


Well, darn, too easy then! It’s hard to find a challenging sniper contract in this level. Good job though; hope it was entertaining. Did you shoot them from the stage area, or manage to get the rifle to the church somehow?


Got 6:13 with a rejuggled route. I don’t think disguising is really going to be any faster. Here’s the nitty gritty:

Bring Breaching Charges and an Emetic Syringe, Sieger Advanced in the Safe House. Run through the stage area and up the pipe, grab sniper, run up to Renzo Forte/Rocco’s apartment and snipe Pugliesi while he’s dancing (otherwise he won’t dance again until almost the 3min mark). Go out and get rid of Freddy Gee or just luck on his head turns, breach the guard apartment, sneak through, breach the woman’s apartment, run downstairs and drop the rifle in the lobby (a woman on the street below usually always hears the second charge and will report the gun for you). Go into the church morgue and KO/stash the guy, then into the church and emetic stick the female target. Get the rifle back from the morgue box, go down the stairs to the sewer, knock out the plumbers, go up to the bathroom and snipe the female target. Go back down into the sewers, distract or KO the two church guys in the catacomb/tower area, go upstairs and snipe the Padre. Drop sniper rifle and victory lap to exit.


Hmm, yeah, I forgot to test strategies that would get bodyguards to carry the rifle for you. I intended the shots to be made from the apartment/stage area… those are the super tricky and fun shots I want players to have to make. I have to figure out how to block players from sending the rifle to the morgue… maybe by another sniper target in the trattoria or something. Hmmm.


My first response to almost any sniper contract is “Can I just close quarters snipe everybody?”

Do people not find the body when the woman is shot? I didn’t see her get up or anything. You can choke her out in the pew and nobody seems to care but surely Abiatti’s people would notice her when he enters the church.


Yeah, you have to shoot her after Abiatti leaves (which is pretty early… 3 minutes in or so). When she dies, she slumps down and no one notices her body in the pew. There’s a guard who might see her get shot, but there are workarounds. Figuring out the angles on the two church targets is the interesting part.

It’s usually possible to force sniper contracts to not be close-quarters by having targets far apart from each other but who can all be sniped from a single location or on a single route, and where that location/route is pretty optimal. But there aren’t really any spots like that in this map. So I had a hard time figuring out how to avoid a close-quarters snipe here. I added the hippie as a target mostly to slow down disguise-change strategies (you can’t leave a suit in the church so it’s waiting for you after delivering the sniper rifle as a bodyguard), but now I’ve gotta figure out how to keep people from having the rifle delivered to the morgue.

Edit: you know, I think 6:13 is slower than a strategy that doesn’t involve having the rifle delivered to the morgue. So maybe things are OK. But there’s still probably some way I can fix this.


The Word on the Street
Sapienza, World of Tomorrow
ID: 3-03-6855739-09
Good afternoon, 47. Silvio Caruso has returned to us once again for help. It’s the second anniversary of his mother’s death and Dr De Santis seems to be working with a local P.I. to undermine him with rumours of foul play. Also involved is Caruso’s new therapist, likely vetted by De santis to make Silvio sweat. Next, the golf instructor - clearly a spy reporting to De Santis. Eliminate them all and quell Dr Caruso’s paranoia. Good luck, 47.


Banish the Corrupt
Sapienza, Landslide
ID: 1-04-2781274-76

@Fortheseven @fkgfw @GuLe @mendietinha @Pagan


Good evening agents.
The time has come for you to take on my new series, The Cleaners! A fun and easy series I hope you can all enjoy.

The Villa Caruso Job
ID: 2-03-9233941-79

Himmapan Underground
ID: 2-08-5600357-79

Clean Hit
ID: 2-04-1328383-79
Sapienza (Landslide)

Sanitation Mishap
ID: 2-06-5943172-79

Losing Hope
ID: 2-10-6909071-79

I really enjoyed working on this series as it’s one I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile.
Good Hunting Agents!


I’m gonna play these tomorrow (I hope), great work!


@Nakar, I managed to get a time of 4:37 on The Most Devout by sniping from the apartments. Do you think you would be able to beat this time by having the guard carry the sniper rifle? I’ll consider this contract a success if not… otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board.

(Video of my run below. Spoilers. I’m really proud of this run… the timing clicked together perfectly and it’s stuffed full of subtle tricks.)


Guard carry is too slow; it takes a good minute to bring it to the morgue. However, I was able to beat your time by about a minute regardless using disguises and not using emetics. Will try getting a video up.


I’ve had a go at this one enjoyed it :smiley: I looked at it a couple of times the last few days but couldn’t summon the patience for an extra couple of seconds at the beginning. Anyway, great contract mate, thanks for making it :slight_smile:

I had to go onto the leaderboards for the score as the Detailed Score would not load, I waited another minute or so after I stopped recording. I’ll tag a few people @Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI (Don’t know if I’m summoning the right IOI Gods here, sorry!) but this still seems to be an issue. Not sure if it’s related to busy servers as it’s ET release day? But I had no issues earlier when playing the Bookkeeper so I’m not sure if this is a contracts only issue.

Beary Manly (2:35)

So I turned my xbox off for five minutes while the video uploaded without quitting the game, turned it back on and the score screen greeted me.


I enjoyed ‘Word on the Street’. It had a nice route tied to it.


Thanks man, I’m doing a run of MDS, I can’t beat good old Ed unfortunately, but I’ve loved the contract so I’ll put a video up :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just saying to Silver, the load times are truly awful for me tonight; possibly the worst they’ve been (if not then close to it, and I’ve had the messed up/blank scorecards again as well). Going to give up and play some football instead.

Loved this one @scm97tl . Got caught up with the ET and what-not or I would have posted it sooner.

Tense Perimeter (1:12)


Yeah man I’m going to do the upload tomorrow as I’m waiting ages between runs atm. Hopefully in the morning if it is due to server overload I’ll get in after all the USA guys pass out in a pool of pizza and root beer.


HitmanDB is a thing now, if you like the idea please use it so I’ll have a reason to maintain it.