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The Most Devout. I had a better time on a test run than this one due to Freddy Gee being surprisingly cooperative. I think doing it legit could still be faster but as I say in the video description I need a way to keep the doors to the church open.


Thank you! Great run. That was really helpful. The Father Francesca shot is really funny, and the hippie shot is still tough and interesting… so maybe it’s still an OK contract and I don’t need to change anything.

BUT! Part of what I wanted to do is find really interesting sniper shots, and it saddens me if they can be easily obviated. I think I know of a target I can add that will throw a monkey wrench into the close-up shots.

I’m unsure about the fifth target here… he won’t slow down your strategy at all. I might want to swap him with the woman on the apartment balcony, or swap him with someone else, or maybe just remove the fifth target altogether. But right now I’m currently testing:

Sightlines of Sapienza

EDIT: Improved version: 1-04-6551244-68


PS4 contract Spiral


Ps4 contract In Style


Ps4 Contract Road to Ruin


I’ll be honest, this one’s a bit more annoying. Sniping is definitely faster (so it succeeds there), but the shot on the priest is aggravating and Scanarotti (the cop) doesn’t add a lot because he’s such an easy shot. The hippie is challenging but fair, but shooting Padre Francesco without instinct is blind.

That said, I put up 6:49 doing the mission “wrong,” so as long as pure sniping beats that it should accomplish what you’re going for. To clarify what the “wrong” way would be: Breach charge KO the bodyguard and cop in the morgue, run to the apartment and snipe the hippie, disguise smuggle or guard-walk the sniper rifle to the morgue, back for the suit, pop the two guards, take a cop outfit, plant the sniper in the church, pop the woman and priest, drop rifle and leave. I’m not sure there’s really a non-sniping way of doing that a whole lot faster, and it’s pretty cumbersome.


Thanks, that’s super helpful feedback. The Padre Francesco snipe is something I wanted to build around because it’s a throwback to wallbangs. Once you figure out where to shoot, it’s replicable. (He doesn’t move, luckily.) I can hit him most every time now, and I think it feels cool to pull off. (Btw, if you didn’t realize, if you trigger the conversation in the church, he stands when the attendants leave.)

The parking cop is definitely a bit of a brute force solution to the problem of close-quarters sniping, it’s true. I don’t mind adding easy sniping targets to an otherwise tough contract, because it gives just that little extra spurt of accomplishment… but this guy’s a pretty obvious timer. Something else that would work is a target that you have to take out early on, so you couldn’t get to the hippie in time for his dance at 1:00 and would have to wait for his dance at 3:00. I’ll keep searching.

I don’t like that final bodyguard target. His body occasionally gets noticed, and I can’t predict when. Gonna replace him.


PS4 Bangkok Contract


I’m not sure why I pursued this route as it very nearly killed me and I knew it wasn’t going to beat Ed’s anyway! Finally RNGesus helped me finish it off and everything went as planned. Sorry I took so long to upload man but I’m ill as fuck and doped up to my eyeballs :smiley:

Medival Doctorate Simulator (9:08)


Great run! Better than what I could come up with haha


It’s a great contract mate, I’ll see if I can improve on my time at all and upload if I can :smiley:


No one ever leaves Landslide by car, so I decided to make a contract where doing so makes sense.

The Bathroom Butcher
PC contract - Sapienza at evening


I bieve that contract was called Club 47 no?


It’s Mightier Than The Pen

Platform: PC

ID: 1-04-1331518-41

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I worked really long on the idea of this one. I wanted to make a contract as the printing crew against the media team in Morocco but they seemed hard to catch. Now I found out how to make it interesting and possible, Hope you enjoy it. My best run is 4:00, try to beat it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Intermedia Warfare Morocco ID: 1-06-9031549-67 [PC]



The Bathroom Butcher in 3:17

The big problem here is the guy at the food stand. I tried everything short of an explosion[1] to break his conversation with the waitress and they were having none of it. He’s the limiting factor here; I can basically carve up the other four and have them stashed in 40 or so seconds tops. It’s faster to trigger the conversation and come back before he drinks than to use the radio to spike it ahead of time. The fastest would be to break the conversation in some manner.

Also if possible try putting up your contracts on the new contract Database that @Kotti put up, I’ll be glad to rate the contracts I’ve played if they’re on there!

By the way, does anyone know when/if the official S-E forums ever take a new user’s post out of moderation? I posted some of my contracts in the Featured Submission thread and it’s been around 24 hours and half a dozen additional posts and mine has never been allowed up. :cry: I know IOI checks this thread as well but I’d like things to be there too just in case.

[1] Seriously. Bumps don’t work. He won’t become suspicious via peekaboo. If one is distracted by a coin the other will stand there until they return. Neither is close enough to respond to a car alarm. You can’t seem to get a good spot to poke him with an emetic syringe anywhere in the stall without someone becoming alert even if no one appears as having seen you. The only thing that can make him move prematurely is throwing a weapon into his stall from out of sight and even then he’s not guaranteed to go to the bathroom cop. If he does it’s theoretically possible to get him into the bathroom area but it complicates all the other kills. There’s definitely a way to shave a full minute or more off this contract by manipulating him, but I’ve yet to figure out any way to do it reliably and I don’t like unreliable or RNG-heavy methods just to get a WR. But I’m sure that method exists, and he’s by far the most time-intensive aspect of the contract.


I’ve checked this.
Only 2 targets require certain tricks and timing, quite an easy one I’ll say (since I’ve made some research/extra exploration when making my Stylist contract before).
Was expecting a better version (so I can recreate) but this contract, is an ok one. Good attempt, still.
(Besides, I’m on vacation. Except find some time to SA the ET, I’m not in the situation of making/playing new contracts) :dancers:


Cool, thanks for the write-up! Yeah, I knew that dude would be the limiting factor and that this wouldn’t be a contract for any kind of speed competition. It was more of a fun flavorful thing just to do something with that guy. I hate that one of the level’s three exits is essentially unusable because of that stupid clerk.

I found that if you grab a waiter uniform from the wine store en route, you can poison his water early, but it doesn’t really help with anything.

My contracts are up on HitmanDB! I’m excited about that thing.


You put a lot of contracts up hehe. Gave Blindess and Sight my love.