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Hehheh, when I read that, I didn’t know if you meant love or “love”: a 9 or a 2. With Blindness and Sight, it could go either way. :grin:


It’s a 9 from me hehe I loved that contract.


Low-Budget Phantom of the Himmapan (Bangkok): 1-08-7287299-02
IOI loves putting chandeliers in maps. It’s time to give them what they want. It’s time to give you what you want. You know you do.


Hello @Ed_ll3 I liked this contract. :smiley:

The Jingles Redemption (1:43)


Great run man!
Nice job with the two guards too.

Not your topical sniper contract I know lol but I still enjoyed making it. Thanks for playing :smiley:



That’s some fine work on the green tank-top crew, especially the middle three. Looks like loading the scorecard might have been as tough a task as the contract itself. :smile:

Will post these quick while I’m on (various murderings from today - shout to @Silverballer for cutting about 30 seconds off ASiC with a more direct path to the later targets).

A Study in Corruption (4:57)

The Word on the Street (2:24)


Great runs, I loved the bit where you were running around the bathroom (although I couldn’t figure out what you were doing)


##Results of Last Night
Platform: PC
ID : 1-03-8118095-41

Briefing: in the picture

@GuLe @fkgfw @Fortheseven @BernardoOne @mendietinha


The Trust Problem

Platform: PC
ID: 1-02-1694721-41
Brefing: in the picture

@GuLe @fkgfw @BernardoOne @Fortheseven @mendietinha


There was no Icon contract in the database so I made one. Try to exploit whatever you can! :slight_smile:

Exploitation! (PC) 1-05-5446261-67

I began playing some ther cntracts but it is a bit frustrating that you almost everytime chose 5 targets. But I keep trying.


It’s pretty annoying that most contracts have 5, but it does make for some exceent puzzles. Three or four targets is usually a good amount.



Nice run Gule! Happy HMF anniversary :smiley:


Insufficient Tip

Platform: PC
ID: 1-08-1329839-41

@GuLe @fkgfw @Fortheseven @BernardoOne @mendietinha


Two in the bush

1-02-5448984-47 (PC)

Fun tip: it’s a remake of my first contract in the H2016, now my best time is 33 seconds less.


I see you’re pumping a lot of contracts eheh. Will play them later today :slight_smile:


yeah i wanted making a lot of contract in my free day. i hoping you all enjoy :slight_smile:


I realized that I haven’t made any contracts in The Final Test. I’m very happy with this attempt. It’s hard to make an interesting puzzle in that map, so I added a restriction:

You must complete this contract without ever entering the airport fence.

It’s a really fun and interesting puzzle. Gotta shoot lots of cars. I managed it in 1:16. (It might actually be optimal to stay outside the fence when playing normally.)

Stay Outside the Fence
PC Contract - ICA Facility