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PC Contract- Let’s Go Shopping - 1-04-7243033-76
Sapienza - Landslide

all the last three items can be obtained inside the shops.

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This was a nice contract :smiley:


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I think that next week is the next featured contracts burst, so I wanted to keep this one here in case anyone at IOI is interested. All but one target moves around, sadly you have to trigger conversations, which I think it’s annoying, but hey.

Power Surge - 3-02-5483448-49

Turning off the power for the auction is a difficult task. It is more difficult if you and your colleagues are dead.

Tbf I did fiber wire only so yeah.


looks cool im gonna try it out


TITLE:47mm Mute Movie
ID NUMBER: 3-05-7330351-96

Originally intended to be a contract for fiber wire kills and suit only but I think this way is better. Might have been better to keep it without kill restrictions but I wanted to do something with pistol eliminations and also for people to try all the “car combos” to distract the guys at the beginning. By the way, the shop key can be beary useful for some kills. Left one free kill at the end and there aren’t any restrictions besides 4 pistol eliminations.
Enjoy, burrs! :bear::grin:


PS4 Bangkok Contract
ID: 2-08-2532384-89

How fast can you complete this contract and get SA?
Good luck, Agents!



My wife just asked me what I was doing, I said making a contract in Hitman… She goes “what’s it called?”

I say: The CLASSault

She goes "The croissant!?"

She thought I was saying that with a French accent lol


If anyone’s in the mood for an AR spree, I remade The CLASSault for Xbox:




I’m streaming some contracts:


@Travis_IOI considering the new wave of featured contracts are coming soon, I was wondering if you’re keeping an eye on Kotti’s http://www.hitmandb.com/contracts.php for any potential submissions?



ID (PC): 1-10-1315996-57

Well, since this is the Featured Contracts week I guess I’ll give it a shot huehuehuehue


Hey, thanks for recreating my contract for XB. Hope people enjoy that one. :smiley:


PC Contract - Hell is a Place on Earth - 1-04-4427361-76
Sapienza - Landslide

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is there any Axe on Landslide?


There’s the Old Axe in the sewers.


thanks ^^


There’s also an old axe where the pink getaway car is. It’s stuck in a tree.


Speaking of which… where are the keys for that car??