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There’s a guy in the Food market who has them. You can hear him talking about it.


I’ll have to give that a look see


PC Contract - The Art of Smuggling - 1-04-5438860-76
Sapienza - Landslide

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Doesn’t always have to have 5 targets mate :stuck_out_tongue:


to be fair I try to only put 5 targets when I think the routes can flow nicely :stuck_out_tongue:


People Are Blind (But They Ain’t Deaf) [PC-Landslide]: 1-04-7813892-02
Axe two Security Guards in your Suit. Built-in difficulty selection based on whether you plan to do this Suit Only, and there are time saving tiers even within that. Can be completed SOSA with the default loadout, but masters of distraction shenanigans or object launching should be able to have a field day with this.



Title: Cutting Edge Hacker
Contract ID: 3-09-4482702-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Colorado

Title: Doctors Beware!
Contract ID: 3-10-9888427-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Hokkaido


What do you mean legshots are back


Here’s another one. Not part to story, I just wanted to use targets that haven’t been overused in contracts, like Mr. No-Pants Wearer on the Balcony (Rocco).

Gun Game - 3-03-7010712-49

A librarian manufactures weapons. Kill the librarian and his top three clients, all guards from different sectors.

I didn’t have much time so I got pictures of three out of four targets.

Librarian Giorgio Liguori

Bodyguard Gabrieli Monaco

Mansion Security Virgilio Lucciano

I didn’t get Marcello Grassi, but he is a biolab security near the entrance to the science lab itself.

On a side note, I noticed a little routine by one of the guards while finding a mansion security contract. Except another Sapienza contract soon :slight_smile:


Yeah they’re back.


Brace yourselves, Final Test contracts are coming.


I’m live playing some contracts :wink:


I played The CLASSault last night for a couple of hours.
It’s freakin awesome, man! Loved it.
Someone from my stream took screenshots of your beiefing and name etc so they could recreate it for PC. :slight_smile:


I totally agree. Sometimes less is more.


Oh wow, that’s great to hear man. Thanks a lot for playing, I’m really glad you and others enjoyed it so much. Yeah, I gotta say so myself, I’m pretty proud how the contract turned out and I just love the name of it and the briefing :hugs:

Did you post your run on here? I didn’t see it and I’d like to. :slightly_smiling_face:


…Nvm :laughing:

Had good fun in Marrakesh yesterday; was thinking it might be time to go back and try Blindness and Sight again, and a few of the other contracts I’ve missed from there the last couple of months.

Ferakh Maamer (Wyman S4 - 1/6) - (6:37)

The Green Mile - (3:24)


Hey just saw your video @Ed_ll3 nice run. That time is very impressive. You definitely did it quicker than what it took me to make lol I used the RS-15 when I made it. I know some don’t like it, but I actually really like that rifle a lot. One of my favorite assault rifles in the game.

Thanks for playing!

EDIt: hey where did the video go? :laughing:


Edited it out. :smile:

Got a slightly better and neater run (finally!). I’m offline in a sec, but it should be finished uploading in 30 minutes or so if you want to check it. :wink:


Oh cool, an even better run than that? I’ll keep an eye out for it. But congrats and thanks again for playing.