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have a good one, i hope you enjoy this run


Gonna try some recently posted now from you all.

But also want to tell you guys that I added one more target to my recent contract “Silver Lining” because fkgfw showed me that he could be faster without trying to find the special route. With this third target one has to if he want’s to beat the score of mine.
I find it interesting because the contract is focosed on something about the map which hasn’t been used for a contract yet (afaik) so try it. :slight_smile:

1-06-1736128-67 Marrakesh - 3 Targets - Any Method - Suit


Here are my runs for @STEVEORSOMTHING’s contract series (more on that in the contract series thread)

I couldn’t play Clean Hit due to problems playing Landslide and the Icon.

The Villa Caruso Job (2:23)

Himmapan Underground (2:36)

Sanitation Mishap (1:55)

Losing Hope (2:28)


Invasion of the Galateria (4:11)

@Ed_ll3: I had a nice clean plan at the start, but things went a little chaotic. I decided to go with it and it turned out okay in the end. I don’t think my “clean method” would be much quicker. It was a fun themed contract though. Every time they whipped out their ice creams I chuckled. :grinning:


Here’s @Agent-57 contract recreated for the dying breed of Hitmen and women on PS4 :wink: Great Contract! :+1:


Title: Bad For Business 2
Contract ID: 3-06-5079220-05
Platform: Xbox
Location: Marrakesh

This is a follow up to the previous contract and whereas the original was designed to be one that you could speed run, this is designed with stealth in mind. It’s a lot trickier. The best I’ve got so far is 4:30.


Definatly an improvement, now fellow contract killers on PS4 can creatively kill him however they wish with no penalties. :+1:


@Agent-57’s A Personal Cleanup

1:48, following the original contract conditions of pistol and fiber wire.


Nicely done with a brilliant time too !

I’m impressed. :sunglasses::+1:


Shooting him in the face made me smile :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hope you don’t mind but I used your image as a thumbnail


Nice video ! And no I don’t mind at all, it was a pretty cool thumbnail.:wink:


The contract was amazing btw :wink:


Thank you, I literally came up with this idea after I found out how similar this particular NPC looked in this level, they’re an indentical look a like and 47 deserved to show him who the real hitman was lol.:laughing: :+1:


he should have been the fiber wire target tho :wink:


Now I think about it, that’s how his death should’ve ended but I couldn’t resist putting a massive bullet hole in the back of his head creating a bloody mess. I’d like to see if anyone else can come up with an alternate way to kill him. :smile:


I’m gonna have some fun fun fun with this guy.


This one should be simple and reasonably fun. The bonus conditions aren’t required, I just added them for an additional layer of Fun™ if you wish. There’s also Suit Only but I can’t imagine this would be all that much faster with a disguise honestly.

I Know Paris Inside & Out (Paris-PC): 1-02-9249288-02
A simple Any/Any contract in and around the front entrance of the palace. For bonus style points, use default equipment, and for super style points don’t go into the palace at all.


You can hit “Rupert Friend” with a syringe while he is at poison spot also. I know most players play contracts with speed as their chief concern during approach, but I like targets that have multiple ways to be taken down if not for varieties sake and replay value. In the few contracts I have made I always keep that in mind, but if I recreate a contract of anyone here I will notify them about it and explain if I altered it. I enjoyed killing him many different ways I didn’t think he fit the role as well as the other guy did. :sunglasses:


The Oxytocin Toxicity

XB1, Landslide, No Restrictions


If you drown a target then it’s an accident kill, so it won’t matter if the body is found, you don’t lose you No Bodies Found bonus.