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Ya ya I forget that sometimes, especially since it seems like the NPC’S prefer the trash can over the toilet two feet away :confused:



Nicely done, and thanks for playing. The knife kill on our old fisherman hat buddy was sweet. :smile:

Have you adjusted your in-game settings recently?


Nice method of elimination :+1:


@Agent-57 @OldSchool47 Did a 1:32 run yesterday. I liked it, good job! :slight_smile:


Managed to get SA with just distracting the target. @BernardoOne

Nothing crazy good, but it’s a reliable method.

Can You Smell What’s Cookin’ - (2:15)

What was the mechanic you mentioned?


Yeah, I’ve decided to play with a cleaner screen, so I only have the currently equipped weapon showing and any target/vital information. It adds a new level of challenge as well.

Interestingly, some time ago I’d also resolved to never use BC drops with propane/FE, even if it takes longer, but I realised it would have been very difficult on this contract. Plus I think it was cleverly designed to make you plan very carefully when and where you use the explosive. I enjoyed playing it.


A friend on Xbox, @Rcoolcactus , sent me a few contracts today that I really enjoyed playing. I’ve included the contract details and my playthrough. Obviously if you’re planning to play them yourself then avoid my videos.

Title: A Murder in Marrakesh [REMASTERED]
Contract ID: 3-06-8517914-77 (Xbox)
Location: Marrakesh

Title: The Mogal
Contract ID: 3-08-6084752-77 (Xbox)
Location: Bangkok

Title: Evangelinaya
Contract ID: 3-02-4978353-77 (Xbox)
Location: Paris


I hope they refine it also, I would like an option to Label a contract as a test or have an improved system of categories where one can be for test or discard contracts. It’s a shame that so many decent contracts get buried underneath the chaff, I only use the forum now to find them but luckily thats where the great ones are anyway :wink:


I opened a YT channel and figured out how to record my runs. Here is my first video of my contract “Silver Lining”.


Nice run, that one works really nicely!

As for the trick, here it is!

The “you can’t enter here” dialogue has priority over a NPC reporting something. This means that if a NPC is going to report something to someone that is guarding a gate or a entry point, you can just go up to the guard he’s reporting to, trigger the “you can’t enter here” dialogue and make the target find another guard to report to!


That’s a very clever trick. :+1:

And how do you get all your instinct highlights to be white?


Boooring, added more additional restrictions to be REALLY cool: suit only, no running, no crouching.
Sadly the best slipping-through’s didn’t make it because I failed in the later part. Atleast it is cinematic!


Certainly no one will ever accuse you of lacking class. You even made sure to shoot out only windows on the sides of the facade, so nobody would be forced to look at an unsightly broken pane from the front. Too bad for whoever owned that car, but the valet service’s insurance will probably cover it.


This is my NEW favorite individual run…like ever!!!
The way you took out the first two targets was total badass.



UnknowkGamer is 10 seconds faster than me and got 1:43 minutes. It can be tricky depending on how well the guy responds to a BC falling next to him. The rest is just running and quick shooting.


I Know Paris Inside & Out SA 1:09 (With default equipment, suit only & never entering the palace)


TITLE: Nighty Letally
ID NUMBER: 3-07-4156063-96

I’m really happy with this one and I hope it gets featured. There are some really nice setting for accidetns that you don’t even need to stay around to make sure they happen. Just prepare the set and you are good to go.


Not sure who’s contract this is but:


Thanks for sharing it Euler! You should also try out No Absolution For The Wicked in Sapienza. 3 targets. You’ll like it.


You’re welcome. I’ve got a few other contracts to do first, so when I get chance I will do. And welcome to the forum, @Rcoolcactus. :wave: