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Nice run! I had a complex no FE run where I killed all targets while being on the second floor (speaker kill for Duhamel, lure up Paquin and syringe for Aupry) on PS4 that got around 2:07.


I started as the chef.



Sounds good. Not got the capacity for finesse today, just brute force. :joy:

The wait for the poison kills that run anyway, so I wonder if the speaker drop could be woven in with the FE(s) to bring the time right down?


Possibly could be a good idea. Maybe bring it sub-1:30.


Nightly Letally (3:30)

@scm97tl: I agree, this was a really good contract with some nice routing opportunities. I like it when in a contract there are targets of increasing difficulty. The woman near the start was the hardest for me by far. I tried a leaking propane tank near her smoking spot, but it normally takes out one of the swarm.


@AceShadowXD created a really fun contract…

Title: Secrets 1990
Contract ID: 3-02-1658053-57 (Xbox One)
Location: Paris

Secrets 1990 (2:37)


You can try luring her with the car’s noise. I also choosed Hong’s bodyguard because at times both him and the waiter are at the exact spot where you can electrocute both of them with the electrified water pool.


Starting As Chef would be the answer If You ask me. It should be the shortest Location to the targets without entering trespassing zones.


Yeah, went ahead and routed something I assume is similar to whatever @Fortheseven did, but not as fast (I miss Brunelle a lot but even on runs where I get him right away I’m not breaking 1min). Part of that is the poison kill but I tried doing a legshot-headshot-knockout and the legshotted guy seemed to still notice her death, and legshot-legshot-knockout-kill wouldn’t be much faster. You guys probably know more about how that works than me.

I Know Paris Inside & Out in 1:05


Yo @Ed_ll3 have to say this is one of my favourite contracts, up there with Accidentally Killed Myself by @Euler13. No coincidence they’re both on the Sapienza map :joy:

Invasion of the Gelateria (3:30)


Made a new one for PC players. It is quite easy but it has a twist for speedrunners. Have fun!

Spearfishing - 1-03-0390790-67


I just felt like making this and if anyone CAN do it SA I’d like to know how… Convoluted Killer.


That’s a lot to get done in 3:30! Thanks for playing, and for cleaning up the streets of Sapienza. I’m going to grab a coffee then watch the purge. :grin:

Talking of Sapienza, I left this uploading last night @Rcoolcactus:

No Absolution For The Wicked - 3:20

Nice contract. :+1:


Nice to get positive feedback! There’s also No Absolution For The Wicked II if you’re interested @Ed_ll3


This one had nicely spaced targets, and a neat puzzle to solve in terms of inventory and route choices. Good stuff.

Will probably be later today, but I’ll definitely check for the sequel in a bit. :slight_smile:


Haven’t found a proper way to kill the last guy being not that close, it’s almost impossible to headshot him far away, or at least for me it was.


The way You killed the guard is really inspiring. I didn’t even know You Could shoot through the grassy wall!:grinning:


@Nakar @theWizard


You can’t finish a mission with a legshot kill combo, you will always lose the unnoticed kill bonus. If you have a real unnoticed kill after that you will keep your SA