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Looks great, I’ll defiantly give this one a try. :+1:


Platform, please? Seems interesting but I have no idea for which one. O.o


Here are two contracts.

The Grand Escape - 3-02-4919295-49

Challenge - Innocence Lost: If you read the briefing, Rafael Dante is an actual person in the game. The challenge is to not pacify or kill Rafael Dante.

Distateful Proportions - 3-09-8679271-49

**I thought of @scm97tl when making this one. **


Deets if you need (it’s XB atm):


I often had this idea but no way this can be done SA :sweat_smile:


Put it this way, if someone achieves it I’ll definitely add a :cookie: or two to the prize fund. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll note it when there is a stimulant syringe in… Episode 3 or 4. :smiley:

EDIT: does the sedative syringe in Landslide cause “Body found”?


It’s not possible SA. … is it? :confused:


@Urben - I think it does.

@Euler13 - That was my first thought.


I didn’t even know there was a sedative syringe in landslide :joy:


Playing with the hippie huehue


oops SPOILER :stuck_out_tongue: 202020


The doctor in the flashy brown suit has one you can acquire. :wink:

I want to say this isn’t SA-able, but from some of the stunts performed on this game over the months, I’m going with never say never. :smile:


Aha very nice. I think I played all the opportunities, does this not ever come up in any of them? If not how did people discover it, just by accident?

Also @Remedy, I didn’t even touch a hair on Mr Dante’s head. Apart from maybe with some excess foam from the FE :smiley:

The Grand Escape (2:37)




If you use a sedative then you don’t lose No Bodies Found bonus if the body is seen, but if they get too close, and enter the animation where they bend down to check they’re okay, then you lose it at that point. So unfortunately if they were revived/woken then you’ll lose SA. And even so, the sedative syringe is in Landslide, but this mission is in Sapienza.


A’right, thank you fellow R&D assassin!

Still there has to be some way :smile:



Great job!


very interesting and creative way of playing the contract, great work ! :laughing::+1:


There is actually one way I can think of to SA such a contract, and that’s to have laggy servers such that kills take time to register. It is possible to initiate a kill, change costumes, and have the new costume registered as the kill costume, but under normal circumstances there isn’t enough time to do that with Fiber Wire.

The hippie also smokes from his hookah so he might pass out while seated if Sedative Poisoned, so if Fiber Wire had a context-sensitive kill for people sitting in that chair (I don’t believe it does) then you could steal his clothes and wire him without interruption. But that only works on Landslide, again; he doesn’t have the hookah on World of Tomorrow.

I don’t want to say it’s impossible, but getting it to work strikes me as potentially running into the realm of glitchiness.

EDIT: Damn, even this counts as a Fall Accident (as do the puddles), so I can’t drown the Point Man as the Point Man. :frowning: