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The most interesting kill methods aren’t even recognized by the contract system. I had the idea to KO the scientists around the sapienza virus and kill them with it by removing their clothes. And oh boy it works, and oh darn it is considered to be “Any Method”. :tired_face:

EDIT: gonna make a video of it to atleast gain a little fame for the idea lol


Yeah I tried the same thing. Was hoping gassing counted as Poison but no of course not. Likewise grinding people up in a wood chipper or hay baler just counts as Any Method. :frowning:


The Perfect Cover

Sniper contract from reddit, 2:53


Here are two contracts I created for PC, feel free to recreate on consoles:
Name: Master of Headshots
ID: 1-08-3353996-88
Location: Bangkok (Club 27)

Name: Providence in Sapienza
ID: 1-03-7587239-88
Location: Sapienza (World of Tomorrow)

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Oh hey it turns out Colorado does not actually have a killplane, or something. I launched a guy with 8 coins (3x Loadout, 3x Gold, 2x lying near the start) and he’d kind of only go out to the edge of the fields, fall slightly below them, and then just kind of hang there still alive.

The pond/lake is a killplane but not a Drowning killplane. Anyone who lands elsewhere seems to just not die.


I had this idea too, but it was supposed to be death of all hazmat suit scientists and DeSantis with Poison. While wearing Street Performer disguise. And best part is, when they die, it actually shows “Posion kill” message.


Contract idea: “weed doesn’t kill cancer, acid does” (kill boheman in an acid container)
boy what a pain it would be :smiley:


Just wanted to let you guys know that I added all of my PS4 contracts to http://www.hitmandb.com
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The Washer

Suit-Only run

1:01 speedrun



The Headshot Master in 1:05

OMG, I beat Fortheseven['s highly unoptimized first run, probably]! That won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it before I get utterly destroyed.

Providence in Sapienza in 1:27

This wasn’t as smooth as my test runs which involved beaning Mads in the middle of a public street with a propane tank without anyone noticing, but this also works.

The messed up part is, the game can track this; it knows if you’ve acid-destroyed bodies for The Heisenberg, and it knows Caruso can be ground up in a shredder for Weeding the Garden, and there’s the Colorado one with the hay baler. They totally know when someone is killed or their body destroyed by those objects. But they don’t have special kill conditions.


both runs were amazing, nice job m8!! :wink:


Two new contracts for Sapienza. The first one is to replace a contract I published the other day which had a particularly awkward/unpredictable target. The second one should have a lighter feel, with an amusing theme, which is also meant to be an antidote for the darker, more sinister tones of the first contract.

Title: Piano Man - Sapienza
Contract ID: 3-03-8020847-05 (Xbox One)
Location: Sapienza

Title: I Hate Purple Pants!
Contract ID: 3-03-2432955-05 (Xbox One)
Location: Sapienza


TITLE: ICA Initiative: Fashion Police
ID NUMBER: 3-07-4156063-96

You can literally FE your way in this contract but given that there are many NPCs it can prove to be a challenge even if you do that.


Can you send a screenshot of the map with the targets so that I can recreate on pc?? :wink:


Part 2 of the original contract has now been made. :+1:


I can’t because I’m busy but I can tell you who is who.
The targets are two guards that are int the dressing are, one of the two patrolling the second floor where the remote for fireworks is (is one of the pair that walk around the place), Novikov’s bodyguard and the security guard that is next to the kitchen where Novikov enters and Kurt tastes some sushi (this guard is next to a red line).


The sequel was good too. @Rcoolcactus

No Absolution For The Wicked II - (2:51)

Had a different route planned with a drowning on the guy having drinks, but it turned out to be way longer than this. Pushed for 2:47, and just couldn’t chip those last 4 seconds off the time. :sob:


@Urben the crew at OutsideXbox just played your contract Broken Shower. Check it out if you haven’t already.


Nice, casuals playing my contract with no mention and gain tenthousands of clicks! No hate, it’s funny tho :slight_smile: Thanks


@Ed_ll3 I think I might make a part 3…