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Oh yeah sorry… :sweat_smile:


I don’t think so, but if someone can do it SA I’ll be impressed


I have a similar idea to this one which might be possible SA.


I made a video of my run at my contract “Spearfishing” (1-03-0390790-67)
Beware this SPOILER if you plan to play it yourself because there is a trick which is worth to be found out by oneself.
If you dont care, have fun! Also contains a nice blooper at the end. :slight_smile:


oh wow ! no wonder why it took me so long to actually complete this, I knew there would be a secret like this to complete it quicker. :laughing:


I wish the game was more specific on kill conditions. Used “pistol elimination” on the bald guy and the rating said “oops wrong method, here have 70k instead of 170k points”. But fun contract nonetheless.


@Nakar @Bending_Cheese67


Brilliant as usual. I noticed the car but couldn’t engineer the right use of it so I just ended up hitting that guy first. He really isn’t ideal from a time standpoint, as you’ve demonstrated.


Great but I can’t watch yet. I haven’t done it yet. But I’ll get to it soon. Thanks for playing it. Creator appreciates it.


@Bending_Cheese67’s Luigi Murder


Here’s a contract made by my twitter group. This is why I LOVE walking. It’s total badass, especially if you have the BALLZ to exit like me. :wink:


Someone on Xbox called SixBead51602662 sent me this contract. It’s set in the hospital area of Hokkaido, well designed, and a real puzzler to solve.

Title: Unhygienic
Contract ID: 3-10-4183258-35
Location: Hokkaido

Unhygienc (3:57)


Yeah that’s a little anyoying, happened to me the first time before I figured out it was a different method but you are only just supposed to shoot him, as if it would matter since it was a “pistol kill”. Anyway I’m happy you enjoyed it .:+1:


Thanks! At one point i was starting in the tower and went for him first aswell, that got me a 1.20 time. Then switched back to this strat


Awesome, this is the good side of playing with a gamepad!


Ya, exactly. I could never play with a K&B. Immersion broken for me. I love the control.

My vid was influenced by your Paris run. :smile:


Unfortunately it won’t work on female scientists.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Innocence Lost -3-03-6610086-49

A runaway teen and her three friends have been set for death after running from their forsaken past.


Looks interesting, i shall recreate it for PC


Mr Sparkle Revenge - PC Contract - 1-10-9443691-76