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Thanks for that. Yes, it is a really interesting and challenging contract. Even though you can wear any disguise there are so many enforcers that can see through one disguise or another. There seemed to be so many route possibilities too. I’m sure you’ll destroy my time, but I’ll look forward to seeing it.


Heading to uni now, but i got an idea for a 2.40 ish time. Interesting contract, might stream it tonight


Just run it a few times and got 2:42, but it’s a crappy run. The girls got back from Eindhoven last night and I’ve got a killer red wine hangover. :tired_face:

Great contract though: lots of different ways to approach it.


I’ll try and capture the intended route, as this went completely off-plan after the weapon drop:


Providence in Sapienza SA (57s)

No Crystal Ball no rekky


Looks very interesting and fun. But why do you and @justnobody and maybe whomever else does this, but why turn off the music when you play? It makes things a little anti-climatic, especially after a kill. Doesn’t give you that kill music.

Maybe you’re not into the music? Sure. Just stating I find vids with it turned off to be a little boring. Kinda like if you went on a road trip and you left the radio off.

Gotta have those tunes on when you roll!! :wink:


I also thought about turning music off and insert quiet custom music in the videos but I found not enough fitting soundtracks so I wont do that. I might do it if the contract’s theme REALLY fits into the music.


Ya, even if you have your own custom music, that’s cool. At least there’s something there to fill the space in between kills and the exit. Just my 2 cents when I watch vids.


I don’t like the music in Hitman 2016, I think it completely breaks immersion when I roleplay so I keep it off all of the time. To compare, I kept it on in Blood Money.

I’ve been wondering about inserting instrumental music, wasn’t sure if it’d be too sacrilegious or not.


I do the same too, instead I turn the music off and switch between different soundtracks from the older hitman games, it brings more tension and fun when playing certain levels. :wink:


Personally, I’m partial to instrumental works by Trent Reznor while I play. Mainly the album Ghosts I-IV, and his film scores.


I’m sure @Fortheseven will smash once he gets stuck into it later, but this is a lot closer to what I’d planned.


Master of Headshots SA (51s)


@Ed_ll3 @Euler13


Here’s my new contract, that unlike the last one, has kill restrictions, good luck agents :wink:
Name: Don’t Free the Prisioner
ID: 1-09-9210817-88
Location: Colorado (Freedom Fighters)


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Wearing a fancy clothing while killing people with a shotgun. That screams Colorado style all over the place, quite too much.



I’m now creating contracts almost every day to see if i get something featured :wink:


Are you sure about this? I’ll go ahead and test it at some point but that’s really interesting if so. So you could, for example, sedate a person, they could be seen by a distant NPC, and that NPC would then break line of sight to head toward the victim, who you then accident kill or stash the KO’d person. When they get there, there’s no one to wake, so it’s SA? Likewise if they see the person collapsed but have no way to path to them, it’s also still SA?

Likewise – and unfortunately I’ve looked for such an NPC to no avail – a person who upon sedation happens to fall into water would die of an accident and even if someone sees them collapse (from drinking Sedative Poison presumably, since they can’t see you injecting or it breaks SA a different way), no loss of SA?