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I’ve sub-3min’d this one so it’s not as gimmicky as initially thought, though there’s a “safe” way to get ~4:45. Parody contracts are love. :heart_eyes:

Accidentally Killplaned Myself (Hokkaido-PC): 1-10-5217131-02
Drown the Hospital Director as the Hospital Director. Now you could wake him up after taking his clothes, but that would ruin your Silent Assassin ranking. So you’ll just have to figure out a way to drown him as him without getting caught. Easy, right?

And yes, SA is possible (the title hints at how, I’m sure most people familiar with Hokkaido already know), I wouldn’t do that to anybody:


@Silverballer’s You Only Die Twice

Don’t watch if you’re doing the current Player-Made Elusive Targets competition.


A few of us investigated this in detail some time ago and I produced a video to show what happens if the sedative vial is used. The video is quite old and could have done with some editing to remove unnecessary parts, but it demonstrates the idea.

We discussed this again recently in the Landslide thread and wondered if recent patches had changed it, so I tested it not so long ago and it still works the same way. We were hoping that they’d change it so that you’d never lose No Bodies Found bonus, even if they got too close. Sadly that part hasn’t changed. This is what I said in that recent discussion.


I tested it with the syringe and got interesting results. If someone noticed the victim spasming before they collapse, you’d lose No Bodies Found. Otherwise it worked the same as the vial, where a person could find the body but if you subdued them before they got too close you’d preserve the bonus. I don’t think that part of it has changed.

Still seems useless 99% of the time. If it didn’t count at all against No Bodies Found it’d be more useful. As it is there is at least a tiny niche for the syringe version, but it’s not an unlock so it’s largely pointless.


Spearfishing SA (2:17) :slight_smile:


Sharpness is Blossomed SA (2:26)

With throwlo flying axe!


Mr Sparkle Revenge SA (2:46)


@Ed_ll3 @Euler13



ID (PC): 1-03-1417305-57

ID (PS4): 2-03-3044763-51 (Thanks Hatch!)


I Hate Purple Pants! (3:36)

Piano Man - Sapienza (4:11)


Will this suffice? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


SA rating or didn’t happen!

I tried to pull him into the spa but died every time. I dont want to use the coin+BC glitch and be more “legit” :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: gonna do this again, you’ll see


@Fortheseven @fkgfw @BernardoOne @GuLe
@Pagan @Bending_Cheese67

And any other speedrunner.
As you see my time, 2:05.
My psn friend made this.

Would love if one of yous make this for PC and see what you can do. All 4 targets are in the Sapienza main square.



PC ID:1-03-5037174-04


THANKS!! Much appreciated. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it.


I have set a time on this already,not sure other guys could beat it.


Do you have a Video? Wanna show my friend.


Sorry for the question you all probably know the answer to, but why are there some older featured contracts that have custom images instead of a picture of the target? Just noticed this and found it wierd. Also saw that one of them was made by the CEO of Square Enix.