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I’m looking forward to seeing it! Good luck on TE as well. I see that @Doc_Rickenstien has managed 1:17 so I’ll see if I can beat that!



That triple kill is incredible! Awesome that you found a use for the virus, thanks for playing.

I had some plans for a fast run of my own until I saw that time. Guess I’ll leave this one to the pros :smile:.


Here’s the contract Toxic Environment ported to PC: 1-03-1872970-02

And here’s a video of said very fast run, plus more! The first is a “sterile” run, meaning the following restrictions, designed to ensure our client’s promotion is as hassle-free as possible:

  • Silent Assassin, of course.
  • Cleanliness above all. No guns and no bloodshed. Fiber Wire for all kills and dissolve all bodies in acid. Don’t let anyone else in the lab know you’ve cleaned out the clean room.
  • Do not damage or steal Ether property except cleaning up whatever the victims drop. That means no shooting cameras or destroying the virus (deleting evidence manually is fine), and no hijacking Dr. Caruso’s plane.

The second run is a speedrun. People may kick themselves when they see what super elaborate method I had to employ for a quick clean SA. And stay tuned to the end for a special treat!

Toxic Environment by @The5secondrule (3:35 & 0:41)

p.s. @Morten_IOI it would appear that changing into a Hazmat Suit while inside the toxic environment doesn’t actually protect you from dying. Ask me how I know this. :dizzy_face:


Goddamn it. Incredible run :smiley: I have just spent half an hour trying to shoot those buggers and failed every time.


Simply awesome, and damn was that second run fast! Gotta love 47’s commitment to the job, fiber wiring his targets while fighting off death.

That’s because you didn’t shower off the toxins dude! Kidding, but it’s nice to see my contract reveal a previously unknown bug.


1:15 the first shoot to make the guy beside the target look in my direction,so I can kill the target without being spotted.
1:22 the bullet went through the lake and broke the glass to the target.

BTW, @Fortheseven just destroyed my plan,I didn’t want to come out with my strat so early.


Love that second kill, great job mate


A remade contract on PC. This time all we need to do is take care of Strandberg. :wink:
The time to beat is 1:05, record that belongs to its original creator JDMHatch_G. I got it with 1:08 and it seems to be my best possible score. @fkgfw @Fortheseven @GuLe @mendietinha


The Lancer Legacy. What a shot!:stuck_out_tongue:


The Aristocrats
XB1: 3-02-9397954-09
Paris, The Showstopper
Good evening, 47. Our client is Dalia Margolis. Among the many guests at the Palais de Walewska are a few particularly wealthy and influential individuals. No longer useful, their political aspirations and affiliations pose a threat to the longevity of IAGO and the identities of those involved. Dalia has named five targets for you to dispose of but has given no further instructions. I will leave you to prepare. Good luck, 47.


Kill the Narcs PS4

All targets in close proximity in basement. The current time is 1:12, but with good rng Ive gotten well under a minute. I just can’t seem to get it right haha. So, I was curious what anyone else thought.


Kill the Narcs


Since nobody seems to have really given it a go (except to beat my speedrun time), here’s Stream Sniping with the simultaneous Jaeger Lancer kill. It was a trick, of course:

Stream Sniping by Me


@Silverballer what was the name of Bangkok sniper contract Munga played on stream?


Knock Before Entering :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m going to recreate it, I had an idea for a pretty great skip and I’m really curious if it actually works or not.


Let me double check real quick.


I made a mistake :confused:
It’s Please Knock Before Entering
By Silverballer550 :slight_smile:


I re-created one on Xbox by @JDMHatch_G :slight_smile: