Hitmanforum member contracts


If I do this then @JDMHatch_G will be naming his goldfish definitelynotafish.


Managed 1:09. My fishy dreams will remain dreams.

The Banker (1:09)


rekty rekty rekt :smiley:


@hitwoman47 I have a video, I won’t post it just yet though


Plat: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-03-5360834-61
Creator: The Drunk Pug
Location: Sapienza

Umberto is a troll and isn’t reacting to fetch anymore for whatever reason. lol


that’s awesome! when my plan goes right I’ve been getting about that for time…good job, I look forward to seeing what you did!


I re-created that one too for Hatch heuheuehuehe

The Banker SA 54s

You can probably distract the last guard instead of running around him, shouldn’t make much difference though.


So you can’t beat a ps4 player?

Console master race!! :smiling_imp:


Ever since “A Hard Bargain,” I’ve always looked for interesting targets to kill.

Curse Of An Egyptian - 3-04-3807292-49

Platform: Xbox One
Location: Sapienza Sunset


Make A Wish - PC Contract - 1-03-3067151-76

Xbox version - 3-03-9544590-88

I believe this is a good puzzle and a good way of testing your knowledge of wandering around the mansion in the suit.
@Pagan @fkgfw @Fortheseven @Bending_Cheese67 @Urben @theWizard @Nakar @mendietinha

Feedback is appreciated, good luck!

@Silverballer @Euler13 it’s now on Xbox One too, recreated by Ed_ll3 !


What do you mean?


Oops. I quoted the wrong contract. Sawry!! :grimacing:


By the by, @The5secondrule


And since she annoyed me doing this one here’s a contract on her that’s relatively easy if you’re not going for any bonuses:


@Euler13’s Piano Man 2: Paris (2:43)


Recreatito for Xbozito:

@BernardoOne 3-03-9544590-88 ‘Make a Wish’

@ILikeGAMESish’s Security Breach (3:07)


Nice! I should’ve kept working on that ground level shot.


I saw the trick to this one while dropping in on @mendietinha stream. :confused:


Got a few contracts I created in the last few days.

Explosive Rejection:
ID: 3-03-8405993-12

Public Disturbance
ID: 3-03-3200373-12

Paying What You Owe:
ID: 3-10-3603343-12

Pest Control:


That’s A Camera, Man! SA (42s)

Get rekt m8s @Fortheseven @BernardoOne @fkgfw



Sdunio’s Lumberjack Kill3r (3:11)

If you like Colorado SO + Old Axe, might be worth a look (3-09-8535341-70).