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Every time I get spotted…


I will try some kind of mansion infiltration on this at some point @BernardoOne, as a good route through would probably be quicker:

Make a Wish - (1:56)


Very nice route either way :D. The title gives a little hint to the “intended” solution :slight_smile:


Two new contracts dropping tomorrow. :wink:


I’ve killed Carlo the intended way (or similar) as part of other contracts; tbh though I wasn’t really feeling up to stealthing the mansion today, so looked for another way around it. :sunglasses:

What sort of times are there on PC for it atm?


Experiment 897

XB1, Paris, Picture coming soon


5 Targets
No Restrictions

Block Party

I’m only just now really exploring Landslide, so I didn’t have much of a plan in mind for this one.


Perfect thumbnail. :smiley: The run was nice too. :^)


Wow, that run from the Water Tower to the Axe was excellent! I’ll have to memorise that next time I need to get to the barn area in my suit.


Good Morning Agents!
I’m back with two new contracts! If you’re unaware I did A poll for where the next two Contracts should take place and these two are the result! Feel free to leave your opinions or post vids.

#The GAMA Job
Contract ID: 2-10-7818195-79

I have to admit I wish I did a better job with this one. There aren’t that many targets in Hokkaido that are worthy of non restrictive playthrough. At least none that I haven’t already used. I think when I revisit Hokkaido I’m going to do more restrictive contracts.

#Vaya Con Dios
Contract ID: 2-04-5818721-79
Sapienza (Landslide)

Because I felt that the Hokkaido mission could’ve been better I thought that the next one would require a bit of planning. It’s a pretty easy challenge and I’m pretty glad how it turned out.
P.S. Yes this is a King of the Hill reference. :joy:

Well that’s all for now. My future plans are to spend more time playing HITMAN as I got a much needed break away from it. I’ll hopefully post contracts at a more frequent rate.
As Always, Good Hunting!


The GAMA Job SA rekky:


Vaya Con Dios, man. I’m all over it.


Here’s a Bangkok contract for the Xbox community!

Save As I Save: 3-08-7253943-49

This is towards the SAW trap “Save as I Save” where the protagonist must pull sharp weapons in and out of the stuck couple.

Here’s a little sneak peek at my next contract while I’m at it!


Morocco Witches

PS4 ID 2-07-2258622-23

These are not women, they are witches. Stop them before they can ritually sacrifice the fortune teller at midnight.


Title: Smooth Criminal
Location: A House Built on Sand, Marrakesh, Morocco
ID: 1-07-8477673-28
Platform: PC

Just take it as a little warmup for the next ET in AHBOS I guess. :wink:


Added restriction: Play michael jackson in the background at all times


Made one for AHBOS, too. This is a patience contract where you have to pay attention for the right moment. No container to hide the bodies, just small spaces in the streets which has to suffice. BONUS if you dont use instinct nor the minimap.

The theme is also a refference to a song by the Austrian musican Falco. Just changed some words to make it more fitting. :smiling_imp:

Out of the light 1-07-8697258-67

EDIT: sadly the wallbug can ruin your run. But I must say that it doesn’t occure often. In my trys actually just one time. But I guess this adds the adrenaline? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, i don’t have patience


I really wanted to know what you have to say but I lost patience after the word ‘sorry’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Atleast you had it in the first place, more than i can say about myself