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Played it, was quite interesting but I guess my route was not optimal as @Nakar was some minutes faster. But I had some interferring with NPCs which would reduce my time to somewhat closer. But not faster.

Btw Nakar I have something in mind with your terrible contract. Gonna be fun. :innocent:


Smooth Criminal by @theWizard [SA/SO/DE/FW & Speed]

Criminals may not be as smooth as they appear. At least Annie’s okay.


I think @silverballer originally posted these in here rather than the Series thread?

Death Before Dishonour - (3:08)

Death Before Dishonour 2: Seppuku - (3:23)

Death Before Dishonour 3: Sengoku Jidai - (4:01)

Not so happy with the second and third. The routes are good for them, but they’re a little too reliant on luck or certain things going favourably for my liking (probably skill level, however that seems to be a trend for me in recent days: success/failure based on luck or whether the game decides to bend you over).


I think I just saw a video about this musician. Lol


Contract name “Jokes On You” ID 1-03-4298326-61

The priest has a shady past involving children, god will judge him for his evil deeds and your task is to put him on that path 47.
The street dancer is the child that priest molested in the past, his aim is to kill the priest while disguised as a street dancer, and to blow up the church with the people inside, he needs to be stopped or innocent people will die, his mind is too damaged, even if he is stopped today, he will kill tomorrow… put him out of his misery 47 and close this tragic story.

This one is tricky one, for those who love challenges, this is a treat for you ; )
Good Luck!


[B]Assault on Gelateria 13[/B] - (3-03-0781758-88)

47! Intercepted messages suggest the Listerians are planning an imminent revenge attack on Sapienza!! The recent failed invasion of Bella Gelateria was intended to create a permanent 13th base on Earth, and be the jewel in their Gelateria portfolio. Angered, the alien clan are about to unleash a toxic cloud over the town’s inhabitants. Dairy-based communications from the harbour, funnelled through human conspirator Girolamo Giombi, indicate 7 minutes, 7 minutes only is all we can spare before the assault commences. Dress with care, 47. I will leave you to prepare.


5 Targets
No Kill Restrictions
Suit Only

The Rat’s Nest

This one’s a lot better than my previous Landslide contract, so, uh… forget all about that other one.


Looks fun, i’ll give it a go later on


My favorite type of contracts - Suit Only, 5 targets, no restrictions. Absolutely love these.


Okie dokie, there ya go. :grin:

Let’s see what you can do, ps4 players.
Just to save everyone some time, these are all auctioneers.




I have the PC version so this contract, sadly, is unavailable for me.

That’s why I want IO to implement the ability to type in the contract id from one platform to re-do it for the other.


Oh, didn’t know. I thought since you commented on the ps4 contract, then that’s what you were playing on. Sawry.




This is from 1 yr ago.

I think it’s been resolved cuz I’m hearing from ppl that EA will make their sports games cross platform for the upcoming iterations (eg. NHL 18, NBA 18, FIFA 18, etc).


No, this statement is one week old:


It Tastes Like Metal

ID: 1-03-3447946-41


Sadly it’s not accurate at all though…

Trials Fusion has cross platform level sharing since 2015.
Golf Club also has a similar feature.


Okay, but I fear this topic is all about money, connections and dirty laundry. I mean if Sony doesn’t like you for example, you can’t do much insted to bend more down. @Travis_IOI has to give us more details. But then again, I wouldn’t wonder if the rules are not public either.


You have to wonder what the difference is between Featured Contracts, which are user-created and cross-platform, and unfeatured contracts. Maybe it’s stipulated in the platform regulations that each piece of cross-platform content requires editorial overview and isn’t allowed to be automated. Or maybe there’s a data limit or a user limit or something else that prohibits quite so many levels from being imported across platforms. Or maybe Sony/Microsoft charges a fee for each piece of user-created content not made on that platform (and maybe some other games managed to get the fee waived). Lots of theories, but we just have to trust IOI on this one. We’re not going to learn the real story.