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I understand contracts not being shared between the platforms due to the leaderboards.

BUT, I’m not asking for the contracts to be shared. I’m asking for the in-game tool that will creat a whole new entity - it will create a new contract with its own leaderboards for this platform using the information about the contract from the other (via the id).

It will keep the leaderboards and contracts between the platforms seperate but at the same time it will save a lot of time for the people who share contracts by allowing them to avoid recreating inferno.


Which statement? Travis’? Maybe he’s going off the information he had before and never knew about this.

As I’ve said, to me, it sounds like EA is doing this for next years games.


I thought they were just remade by the devs on each platform?


No, I noticed with the ID on WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM (something went wrong with that contract so we were able to see the ID)'that it started with the number 0.


I assume something rules this out, but we don’t know what it is. Editorial overview from someone at IO might be required for any importing, for instance. (I don’t think IDs contain all the contract information within them. The tool you describe would still have to look up what the level looks like on the other platform, so it’d definitely be importing information cross-platform, not just creating a new entity. Maybe if the contract IDs contained all the contract details this would be possible. You’d also lose all the briefing info.)

The question is why they couldn’t set up a system where every user-made contract is immediately and automatically “remade” for each platform. Something is ruling this out but isn’t ruling out featured contracts being remade for each platform. But we’ll never know what it is.


Because that would still be cross platform as there would need to be some sort of communication between platforms to make the contract.

Ok peeps, we going off topic here.


Technically, this is also true of featured contracts.


Jokes On You by @Don_Coa

Not sure what the deal is with people in Sapienza picking bins over toilets when they’re pathing into bathrooms, but I had to take matters into my own hands.


@Nakar Great job! Yes that was the case with me as well (also in Hokkaido) and I did the same by placing the coin on the toilet hoping that he will see it after he finish throwing up. You did cut the time for both targets perfectly I must say :slight_smile: Tomorrow I will post the new one by the name “Black Widow” and with that one I’m quite curious would you be able to find a faster way :slight_smile: Great job once again!




Made this contract about my favorite escalation in Sapienza.

The Andersen Asphyxiation - 3-10-1504779-49

A so-called puzzle contract. My fastest time was about 3-6 minutes but I couldn’t complete it due to some glitching with not being able to pick up objects.

Wanna remake this contract on another platform?

Target Gracie Anderson is one of the girls inside the sauna/spa room.

Target Shiki Fujino is a security guard who stays in the security room across the bathroom.

Target James Carey is a stationery person who is sitting on a toilet in the bathroom adjacent to the security room.

(In case you can’t see the picture)
Andersen must be killed with a katana.
Fujino must be killed as Portman.
Carey must be killed by drowning.


Assault on Gelateria 13 (3:56)

@Ed_ll3: A great follow up to your previous contract. As I was planning the route I couldn’t help but chuckle each time one of the targets whipped out an ice cream.


Some rough news today. Shout out to the team for doing everything they have this season; it was brave and bold, and some of the most fun I’ve had on a title in years. Sorry to digress; it just always irks when teams and their babies get caught up in this fast-buck industry bullshit.

Thanks for giving this a run though @Euler13. There is one other static ice cream dude by Jingles not included; was tempted to add him in for completion purposes, but thought it might be a step too far. :slight_smile:


Tough day, and hopefully some good news is on the horizon. Doubt many want to play, but if you feel like venting in-game, this might be worth a shot. :wink:

Sayonara! (3-10-5564629-88)


Guys this one is tricky :slight_smile: a real challenge, well it was for me at least while creating it, that’s why I would love to see a video of anybody completing my contract, I have mine ready but I will upload it only if it happens that no one can complete this one but I’m sure some of you will find the way :slight_smile: @Nakar
Also, the timing is not playing the role in this contract, if you manage to beat my time even better but focus mostly on finding the way to eliminate the target using drowning accident. Finding the way is the key, this is the puzzle that needs to be solved. Good luck!

Carmine Falco is your target 47, he is an ex Hitman, he had a thing for drowning his targets. He is now working for one of the worst people in the world as their bookkeeper, he is also one of the smartest from his time which will make your task challenging.
He is surrounded by bodyguards and other VIP guests, he is never alone, that is his way of
staying safe, your job is very difficult 47 but NOT impossible, find the way 47, It must look like a drowning accident.

“Your Time Has Passed” ID: 1-02-3666303-61

No bodies found
Do not get spotted
Eliminate the target using drowning accident


That title. Ha.



“Black Widow” ID: 1-02-3254903-61

New intel that we received tells us that Dalia Margolis was not the mastermind behind the Showstopper mission, in fact she was only the string pulled by Catherine Burlet, she is the the mastermind behind the curtains, she controls everything.
She gain her wealth by killing her rich husbands, making it to look like an accident and in the end getting their money, she is also know as a Black Widow. It’s time to get rid of that spider 47.

“Dexy Crew” ID:1-08-0278902-61

This one is free to complete using any method and any disguise that you choose. Try to do it as fast as possible :slight_smile:


What we heard today gives no greater reason to want to play this great contract! Thanks for making it, @Ed_ll3.
It’s not the fastest run I could do it, but it was very satisfying. I made sure every one of the damned targets saw their own brutal death coming! :rage:

Sayonara! (4:07)


I hope someone remakes it for the pc. I would but I’m busy with work :frowning:



“Do not mind me, I’m just creating an accident” xD, I also like how the female target was still in her chair after the explosion xD I enjoyed doing this contract :slight_smile: