Hitmanforum member contracts


Ooooh, you cheeky bastard. Well played.

I found the audio lure trick (luring people up balconies) myself though :stuck_out_tongue:


Have fun with this one guys :slight_smile:

“Rabbit Hole” ID: 1-08-1075379-61

Roxana is coming to Bangkok with her lover, her husband knows and he is our employer. Roxana planned to swim today, your task is to fulfill her wish 47, well, in your way of course.


Did it for ps4 but forgot to make it drown requirement.
But I did do the drown.

PS4 contract from pc creator @Don_Coa



Your contract: Morocco Witches

Damn, the double girls I believe ARE witches. They move together and were a couple of bitches. lol.


Black Widow by @Don_Coa (0:54)

This would be way faster, but I was tired of the x-ray roulette with that corner.

I also found another contract just searching at random that’s kinda neat.

Recapture the Fort by alexis.apert

This probably isn’t the record for simultaneous multi-lures but the area lends itself so well to Napoleon abuse that it unintentionally makes this a way more fun contract than it should’ve been.


Platform: PS4
Map: Paris
Title: Falling Angels
ID: 2-02-6720836-99
Requirements: Suit/Fall Accidents

@justnobody @LSxO @JDMHatch_G @Bending_Cheese67

Would love to see what strats you guys come up with.



Few contracts I found while searching around with “Contract Search”

Loose Ends:
P: Xbox
ID: 3-10-1475537-01

5 Star Chef:
P: Xbox
ID: 3-02-9939933-09




Platform: PC
Title: Extreme Precaution
Location: World of Tomorrow, Sapienza
ID: 1-03-7666334-28

Time for another axe contract. :sunglasses:




Beautiful. Smoked it!!!


Shotgun Wedding SA (1:37)

It’s your time to shine, Antique Emetic Syringe!



Lololol antique emetic syringe.

That was brilliant. Awesome job!!!


That lady’s gonna have a hell of a time explaining why she woke up in a vomit-covered bathroom with the body of a buckshot-riddled Russian official.

“Did you see or hear anything?”
“How is that possible? He was shot one foot away from you with a shotgun.”
“I’m telling you, the guy who did this was good.”


Re-watched this and realized I seriously missed something heuheuhue, brb with second strat.


Here’s my new escalation huehue:
The Sheikh Paradigm - 3 Levels - PS4 Only:
Lvl 1: 2-02-5015938-57
Lvl 2: 2-02-1626821-57
Lvl 3: 2-02-3353959-57
@hitwoman47 @JDMHatch_G @Mvp-Machiavelli @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @D1NGdong @Danger_dog_guy_7 @David47
This one is easier than the previous one because one month after it came out there was only 1 SA (me).
Lvl 1 and 2 include sniping, and lvl 3 includes fiber wire


Shotgun Wedding SA 2.0 (1:26)

Making the target see you after emetic poisoning him triggers their “hey, you dropped something” dialogue, which can be used to delay them.


I can’t believe that saves you 0:11. Nice find.
But honestly, I prefer the other one better cuz it was way more ballsy shooting the target right there with the other girl right there and timing an awesome shoot & ko combo. Lol

I totally love runs that put you in a situation where you could get spotted. Reminds me of my run.
Watch from 0:35 - 1:10. If I had just shot him in the hallway before the locker room with a silent shotgun, it isn’t as fun and ballsy to do. :smile:

I’m more about strat than time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And a ballsy one gets bonus points for me. :wink:
Nice faster job, anyhow. :+1:


Here’s a Paris contract for the Xbox community!

Blood On The Trading Floor - 3-02-2130098-49

My best score (atm) is 2:30. I’m planning to upload a run tomorrow, though I’m not so sure.


PS4 Sapienza Contract
(Any Method. Just wear Suit for all kills.)

Read Briefing :wink: