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I worked on this on and off over the last day, finally completed it a few minutes ago but somehow got bodies found (whatever). Tough contract, but fun. I don’t have a video, but I used rubber ducks and coins to get the auction ladies and escaped via helicopter.


My run of Extreme Precaution. If you haven’t played it yet, try not to watch it. :wink:



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Here are 3 new contracts I made for PS4:
-The Fantastic 4 (ID:2-08-6296816-57)

-Master of Headshots 2 (ID:2-01-1337130-57)

-The SA/SO Shotgun Challenge (ID:2-10-7342218-57)

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Blood On The Trading Floor (1:58)

@Remedy: Nice contract. I don’t know how similar our methods are? I used an almost identical strategy to this video to begin with, but it clocked in at 2:32. Then keeping the basic idea of the run I kept shaving off 5-10 seconds by tweaking little bits to get it to 1:58. It always amazes me how the same run can have such different times if you make small changes here and there.


I’m new in doing Contracts so don’t mind me if they suck, testing as of now.
Falling Heroes
ID: 1-02-7910048-46


Title: Master of Stealth
Contract ID: 3-10-1378862-05 (Xbox)
Location: Hokkaido

And to set a benchmark…


Falling Heroes SA (1:55)


I am not one for contracts, but this one seems super easy.

The tricky part would be if, say you requested people did not change the ninja disguise ever.

I wouldn’t beat your time tho I don’t play for times.


oh wow that was fast haha, nice run mate, hope you enjoyed the contract!


Thanks m8! It’s quite challenging. :wink:


I think the first clause of your sentence betrays how wrong you are about the second. There are super easy contracts then there are contracts that are challenging. Either your skill levels are off-the-scale or you’re not good at telling the difference. Feel free to re-create it and try it yourself.

I certainly wasn’t posting my time to be competitive, I was just showing that it can be done silent assassin in a reasonably quick time. I should also point out that I didn’t change disguise and I didn’t knock out any NPCs.


Hold up. So you’re not one for contracts. Then why are you even browsing this thread?

Did you literally come here just to criticise a contract that you haven’t played?


More or less, if you want to put it like that. I do browse the thread and that is not an issue, not worth debating either. Indeed I came here, looked at the ones today and I saw that one, which is not too different to escalations I have played which are easy to figure out. However he claims not to have changed disguises which I do find impressive because I can’t figure it out without using the opportunity of the yoga coach on Yuki and poisoning the drink of the director as a chef.

Happy about my explaination now?

Without double intentions or anything, is it really that “dishonorable” or something to come and comment on a contract just because I most certainly not play them? Because if so, we could I guess stop talking about news since we are not journalists or something :neutral_face:


I was actually thinking of this at first before I replied! Of course If I do I will give you the credit on the description. Is what I do when I recreate (which almost never happens tho).


@Euler13 I thought that you had to use the chandelier distraction, like in my Featured Contract “A Hard Bargain”.


We normally acknowledge the original creator in the description. If you do re-create it - which will be challenging enough - then I’ll warn you that it’s possibly not as easy as you think. It’s certainly not a requirement of the contract to wear the ninja disguise at all times, so there are multiple ways of completing it. However, even then getting to kill spots in the ninja disguise is going to be quite a challenge.


You have to use the chandelier distraction on the seated guests because they don’t interact / respond to nudging until Diana’s speech is over. The chandelier interrupts that and give you a small window of opportunity to get their attention. Edward Stark can be interacted with at any point. Using a distraction was a bit of a challenge though. If you place the phone on the balcony edge then for some reason the bodyguard in the corridor next to where the laptop is comes instead. Very annoying!


As I said, I have already done a similar escalation and honestly I found it easy (or entertaining, or not annoying. Not sure how to describe it for you, but I don’t mind the work).

As the ninja, killing the director is easy for me. I only need to subdue like 3 people I think. Yuki I could do as the yoga coach. If not, I can find a way to her room without much issue with another 3 more subdues.


Here’s what I did.
@LSxO, also here’s my run of it.