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Luigi’s Mansion [SA/AO] by @Distilled_chaoS

I can’t say I’m normally fond of really long contracts like this, but there turned out to be a reasonably interesting route here. I recommend playtesting any Drowning kills that are emetic-reliant (though this one probably isn’t, if you manipulate the AI correctly); if you poison Scanarotti’s wine with the spaghetti thing he just goes to puke by the cliff instead of going to the toilet in the observatory. Stuff like that can ruin the momentum of a run unless there’s a workaround; maybe that’s what you intended but it kind of bugs me when it feels like Drowning kills are RNGish or require you to circumvent AI. But the target gets closer to the bathroom and can be poked so whatever, it works fine.

GreenLight [SA/SO/AO] by @o_O

Reminds me of The Oppenheimer Legacy. Ended up using a similar strategy. No idea what happened with that last accident but I’m not complaining.

And some random stuff I found just searching aimlessly.

The Cook n Cops [SA/SO] by krishnaraj613

Shrug. It seemed easy enough.

One Disgruntled Customer [SA] by Trelve

Standard kill-chefs-as-chef Paris contract but the kill requirements made me try for a really fast time. Could be done far faster than this even.

A Quick Shot [SA/SO] by Bela-Belugaent.

Another super quick contract where I only did it because I couldn’t understand how the creator could’ve done this so slowly.

Der Glöckner [SA/AO] by ginodino888

There are hundreds of single target Andrea Penca contracts but this is the first one I saw that was at least sort of interesting. Sadly, my initial hope of attic glitching from the Bodyguard start and dropping the bell on him from across the map for a ~30s run was dashed by the damn guy walking out from the killzone almost immediately, even if I got into shooting position within 6s. If one of you can figure that out you’ll probably blow the-poor-guy-who-made-it’s mind.


perhaps poisoning the wine was just a red herring. i did something very similar to get him to the toilet. i will say this: there is definitely a more elegant way to dispose of the butler, but basing on the fact the you finished in almost half the time, i will say it takes longer.

i tried picking targets that have relatively interesting loops, rather than being stationary, giving you more opportunities to experiment with the kills.


You almost certainly don’t even need an emetic to drown him, since you can get him outside the bathroom door with an audio lure and can probably just drown him with phone tomfoolery. But there’s a narrow window for it and I’m not a huge fan of that. Would have to check if he can be pricked to go to a toilet while Caruso is golfing, as that could probably work.

I assume with the Butler you can pull him upstairs with some method or other and push him over a railing. It seems viable, I just had no particular need to do it. I pretty much planned to take everybody in that general area out regardless.

In all I’d say it might be a more interesting contract if it were just a wee bit shorter. The Chef and Butler are kind of free kills, in that Marcello puts himself easily into very simple areas where he can be killed and the Butler is stationary with some predictable tricks that get him. Having to perform unusual accidents on people like Roberto or Caruso/De Santis’s bodyguards, however, is definitely an interesting challenge due to their unusual behavior and the many ways you can influence how they move about (for instance, I thought about calling De Santis to her room to meet with Roberto but it wouldn’t have actually helped me electrocute her bodyguard; Caruso’s guards also start wandering if he disappears). I’d suggest something like this could be improved by lowering the number of targets to 3, or maybe 4 if you can pin one more interesting character who has to be brought into position for an unusual accident.

As for the disguise restriction, it wasn’t a huge problem and I think it makes routing more interesting. Too often I see people mandating a disguise that is really hard to get and that is agony if you’re having to reset a run to route it and execute the planning. Green Plumber’s easy to acquire (the guy stays in one spot and nobody will find him) and in the same area as the kills, while providing the challenge of being a Trespassing disguise. That I liked. Just make sure in the future that restricted disguise contracts are similarly non-onerous to acquire.


Here’s 2 more that I made a while back.

This one should be relatively straight-forward
ID: 1-06-0234327-10

If you like a puzzle (and no ability to save if you mess up a really long contract), then this following one is for you! (If one person plays it, I’ll consider it a win)

ID: 1-06-5000440-10

Because I had so much fun routing this contract, I will make a less-tedious version of this in the future. Still planning out how I want to alter it. Most likely, it will still be Fall - Accident, and any disguise, but I will change some of the targets.


The Vegan Problem



Grabbed a sprinkling of the recent contracts from other platforms, and remade them for eggbox (didn’t pay too much attention/just plucked a few randomly, so a bit like a mini batch of FCs ;)).

Dexy Crew - 3-08-1038120-88 @Don_Coa

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter - 3-04-0663196-88 @Iffy

The Vegan Problem - 3-08-3671936-88 @Pagan

Falling Angels - 3-02-5873245-88 @D1NGdong

GreenLight - 3-03-2530014-88 @o_O

The kill order may be different, but the conditions/disguises should be all good.



PS4 /// Bangkok Contract
I really like how this contract turned out. Once you figure it out, it has an excellent stride, if I do say so myself :relieved:

How fast can you complete the contract???
(My time to beat: 1:31)


Hey guys,

Try out my contract on PS4. “Mr. Bomb-Bastic”.
My username is raj_drmmr_87


gonna be working on three New contracts soon. :wink:



Hello :slight_smile: (A bit late)

This Contract is Absolutely Terrible: 1-03-0070728-43



Awesome!! Love your approach. Really fast. I will record my approach when i get the time. Thanks for trying out my contract. I have a few others too if you are interested :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. And I’m intrested in playing ur other contracts, I had lots of fun with this one :wink:


Took a step further and tried making a Colorado contract, hopefully it is interesting.
Contract Name: Windows are dangerous
ID: 1-09-7148221-46


I’ve got an escalation for you. Was setting up a different contract when I ran into this lovely couple. Enjoy.

Location: Marakesh
Escalation IDs:

  1. 1-10-1066652-10
  2. 1-06-3585838-10
  3. 1-06-4565261-10
  4. 1-06-8062417-10
  5. 1-06-5668432-10

@Iffy: I’ve got you beat, friend





This looks fun. Will give it a shot. I’m not a speed runner though, haha.