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Don’t worry, dude. No need to be a speedrunner to have fun with a contract. This is how I play a lot of times too and have a hell of a time.

@Bending_Cheese67, here’s your The Fanastic 4 contract. Took a ‘badass’ entrance and ‘badass’ exit approach. Haha.



Few contracts from yesterday:

@Euler13’s - Master of Stealth

@o_O’s - GreenLight

@Bending_Cheese67’s - The SA/SO Shotgun Challenge

@Don_Coa’s - Dexy Crew


You remade my contract l @Ed_ll3, so don’t forget to break it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’d like to see what you do with it.


Which one is that?


You made a mistake on shotgun challenge. 1 wrong target.


Really? Which one?

Not sure about breaking your one btw; took me half-hour to kill everyone on the top floor in order to send one of those ladies on her way. I don’t usually spend that long playing a contract these days. :laughing:

Will hopefully give it a go over the weekend, if nobody’s hit it prior to that.

e: Damn, just checked and it’s one of the morgue fellas. My bad @Bending_Cheese67 - I’ll remake it and go again.


Ya it’s one of the morgue guys (left). I did his contract too and did get SA on it. But I wasted time taking all the dead bodies of the targets and dumping them in the incinerators then burning them to a crisp. Lol.

So then I made an assassin/terminator style run. Lol


My Twitter group created Contract. She made these 2 targets and I decided to do it suit only.

Ps4, ID in pic.

And here’s my run.


Arnie be strollin’!

So, remade it properly this time (hopefully). :blush:


And did these quickly too if anyone wants to play them on Xbox.

Windows are dangerous




Haven’t watched the stream back for the last week or so, but noticed Munga played a few of the last batch when checking these. Few more to try if they’re of interest bud. @mungadungalis :punch:


@Pagan Recreated for ps4, the ID is: 2-04-2122707-57



@Ed_ll3: Great job on Master of Stealth. Now that someone’s done it SA (and ninja only) here’s my run…

Master of Stealth (4:37)

As I said to Ed, I’d love to see someone take out Yuki in a different way.

@Ed_ll3: I don’t know if you saw my contract: “Suits You, Sir!”? I’d love to see what you make of that. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s one of my favourites. One target is practically stationary, can easily be lured to a good kill spot, but she will spot you trespassing in your suit. The other two targets don’t care if you’re wearing a suit, they move around, and the timing of their movement makes it really challenging. The number of approaches seem immense. In case you missed it, here it is again:

Contract ID: 3-02-3858442-05


I’ve played the Any/Any version; sure you can imagine the direction that took. :grin: If not today, I’ll give the remix a go over the weekend. Was planning to play it anyway, but keep getting drawn back onto Pro Evo in recent days. Does look good; always fun sneaking into that side of the map. :slight_smile:

Will check out the MoS run tonight. Just to reply to your comment on the tube though - have you found a specific reason why Yuki’s arrival time at the sauna can be so varied? I thought it may be to do with when the Director kill happens; if your run is precise every time then perhaps not.

As mentioned, I can get to the corridor opposite Yuki’s room and get the guards to start picking up the BCs before she arrives. However, it never seemed possible to get there and get them out of the way with enough time to break in and hide. Hopefully someone else will have a crack at her and see what’s possible.


Daamn I want to make a contract which is a wink to the SE situation, so I was looking trough all levels to find NPCs who happen to sound something like Square Enix. The closest ones I could find were someone with last name “Speer” and someone with first name “Eric” in Hokkaido. Not close enough. :confused: Or what do you guys say?


Here’s my attempt on this. I’m no speedrunner and pretty noob compared to you guys. But i really enjoyed this contract and managed to get Silent Assassin :slight_smile:



Hey I tried this out too. This is my attempt of it. I had to use the Explosive Phone. Haha :slight_smile:



@D1NGdong - had a little go at Falling Angels and got 3:34. Want to try it some more but I’m being nagged to get off the console, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. :pensive:

Wasted a bunch of time on this lure.

Would possibly speed things up over this other route, but I couldn’t hit it 100% (half the time the guard next to window lady would turn suspicious, instead of all three vacating the corridor).


Here’s my version. I managed to get Silent Assassin on a previous attempt, but i could not reproduce that in the video. I went for this approach as i wanted to see a bunch of bodies fly off a ledge. Haha :slight_smile:



Ok but I have to think about good conditions. I find Any/Any on it too easy since they are both almost alone. Maybe a ninja contract will be it? Or is the baseball outfit hated much?


Hehe. Nice attempt. Now go for SA. I know you can do it. If you use the same disguise, you can get these targets with some patience. :slight_smile: