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Man, I hate that type of RNG, so I usually avoid it. But ya, when you have a video, I wanna see what you do. :+1:


Speer-Eric’s withdrawal - Hokkaido contract - ID: 1-10-7669653-67

Speer sits in the Sauna, Eric is the ace at the dancing mat.


Haha will do. I was going for a quick run. Next ill try SA :slight_smile:


Mansion Murder Mystery (PC) ID: 1-03-5898653-43


SA/SO 50s


SA/SO Shotgun of Closed!


Hey that was still a great run. I enjoyed watching, thank you for playing!


That was amazing!!! Nice job!!!


Awesome, dude. That was really fun to watch. Now do it with the loud shotgun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Bet he likes that pose.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I started to try that lure again and thought… ‘nah’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what I was working on last night:

Falling Angels - (3:34)



This is very similar to the other run @Bending_Cheese67. Had to go back and at least SA this for some shotgun redemption after mixing the targets first time out. :wink:

The SA/SO Shotgun Challenge - (1:22)


Title: The Ultimate Contract
Contract ID: 3-05-1360489-05 (Xbox One)
Location: Sapienza by Night (The Icon)

I’d challenge anyone to re-create it! :laughing:

It appears that the servers have been having problems for me today and one of the side-effects was that during contact creation it didn’t save any targets. So it becomes a race to the exit.

And, of course, the completion time makes the title all the more fitting…

The Ultimate Contract (0:47)


This looks actually better than the same bug contract in the ICA facility because it is still a challenge!


Ever since Button Pushing Simulator 2016 in the ICA facility I’ve been waiting for another one of these: and it has come, in the form of Gate Opening and Car Stealing Simulator 2017 :smile:


For the love of your own sanity (and if you were on Xbox, @Urben), I would not advise anyone to try it. If ever you want to see random head turning at its very worst then this is it.


luckily I have an xbox one copy of the game that I never use :wink: I’ll play the contract tomorrow :smiley:



e: It’s so odd the way the exits don’t show up until you reach them. Bizarre!