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Triple Lancer v2.0



I’m guessing there are some cool multi kill opportunities in there somewhere. Would be cool to have the 2 guys trigger a proximity explosion that is in range of another explosive and causes a secondary to kill smith and the 2 guards. idk if that’s feasible. But would be awesome.


Yep, there is.

Like so. Not the fastest as @Urben best it by 2 seconds, but there is another method that can get about 52-54 seconds. but @fortheseven is taking too long so I guess he’s mcfly from now on. :joy:

I did get a 5 kill with both CX bombs but can’t get SA. Still trying to figure better placement. Give it a go if you can. Let’s try and get this SA!!

EDIT: the only thing about the 5 target bomb kill is that you have to wait for 5 explosion kill notifications to pop up THEN wait for the “unnoticed kill” to pop up. But that time, you’re standing there waiting time. Killing 3 with the bomb is that fastest I believe cuz I get to the exit as the unnoticed kill shows.

Also, I did a 5 CX bomb kill and got 2 non target kills. Hahahaha. WTF!!!??


Just combined our strats and got 44s :slight_smile:


Contract name: Outsiders
ID: 1-03-1388724-46


My 44s run:


I am shit


rekky rekky


Awesome. But with the CX, you could kill all 3 without opening Smith’s box. Did you try that?

Also, how did you exit before getting the “unnoticed kill” notification for the explosion kills?


Did not tried. And I got the no-unnoticed-kills for triggering the explosion >2.5s before the exit.

EDIT: to kill Smith with the C4 it has to be placed closer to him, but this way the left guard noticed the death of his partner before dying himself. No SA.


Huh? I rewatched it again and I don’t see the notification pop up. What am I missing? Teach me this. I want to know how you’re doing that. This changes a lot for me when it comes to bombs.


Except at accident kills you have to waste atleast 2.5s before the exit. Usually you can orient yourself on the notification “unnoticed kill”, but if alot happens (here, three targets die) the messages are displayed one after another. This might delay the “unnoticed kill” message, but what counts are the 2.5s and not the message itself.


Ahhhhh. I get it. That’s makes sense now.



And another example of me being shit at this game


haha good one buddy, imma try to rekky


Nice contract I cant seem to figure out how to take care of the guy laying on the sunbed without being spotted …


If I had my Ps4, I would have came up with something good for this one buddy


Can’t wait till you get back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did the patch change the camera angle from when you get up from the table?