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Noticed no difference, did that this way before the patch too.


Here’s a contract that every one will love, I’d like @Travis_IOI to try. lol :wink:

Name: Summer Internship
ID: 3-06-5091848-24
Platform: Xbox One
Mission/Location: A Gilded Cage/Marrakesh (Day)




Platform: PC
Location: Bangkok
Title: Screw it!
ID: 1-08-6783690-28

The targets can be found resting in the top floor of Jordan Cross’ suite.


So I got over my contract block after a couple ideas popped into my head but who the hell knows if they’re actually all that good. I’ll give a rundown of each though in case anybody’s looking for Featureds.

NOTE ON THE BONUSES: That stuff’s all optional. I’ll probably record runs with all those restrictions on because I hate myself but they’re to be totally ignored if you’re just going for straight time. I too have attempted to set times for the sake of time but most of them suck and are halfassed. If you wanna try 'em though (because you’re bored with speedruns, I dunno), by all means.

Butchered That Chord (Bangkok): 1-08-3906432-02
THEME: Single Target Race
OBJECTIVE: Throw a Cleaver at Heidi Santoro, preferably without getting caught.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: Getting from the Cleaver to Heidi’s skull, which can be a little tricky if the most obvious disguise is used. Also the damn cameras because this is Bangkok.
SECONDARY BONUSES: Don’t get anyone else involved, be as ballsy as possible, and clean up after yourself.
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: Heidi isn’t that difficult a target, but it requires knowing how her AI works to dispose of her quickly. The Cleaver requirement stymies the typical Crew start because the only Cleaver on Bangkok is nowhere near the band’s area. It’s easy to find, but not necessarily easy to get to the target, and which way gets to the target and then to an exit fastest is another matter.

Kicking & Screaming (Paris): 1-02-2180952-02
THEME: Freeform Fiber Wire
OBJECTIVE: Wire four layabouts in and around the basement.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: None of the targets are alone, and most are not the easiest lure of the people they are around. Some of them see through disguises, or are near people who do. Three are outside, though not far outside.
SECONDARY BONUSES: Don’t use disguises, clean up after yourself, and only bring what the contract requires (though making use of things found on-site is fine).
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: You can’t just run up and wire everybody, so routing isn’t the only concern in setting a good time. The targets need to be moved or the people who can see them need to not be looking at them, but doing that inefficiently will waste time. Also it’s a Paris contract and Paris contracts are automatically good.

No More Mister Knife Guy (Sapienza): 1-03-8217355-02
THEME: Baffling Knife Juggling Act (Figuratively & Literally)
OBJECTIVE: Connect five knives to five skulls.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: The actual kills are no problem, but getting the knives and traversing the mansion in some semblance of a correct order will be the primary factor. One of the targets is not in the mansion but can be made to go there while you’re doing other stuff, but that either requires a specific start or a diversion.
SECONDARY BONUSES: Don’t do it with the easy disguises, clean up after yourself, and move around the mansion in your suit like you own the place (you don’t though, Silvio Caruso still does).
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: I may have been in an altered state of consciousness when I devised this and I have no idea what the best route or fastest possible time is. It’s probably way faster than I’ve managed to do it. Also it rewards people who know where some of the weapons are in advance, as a few bits of information can expand possible start locations and routing. Whether those routings are any good is another matter.

The ABCs of Murder (Sapienza): 1-03-1887300-02
THEME: Shameless Repost / Alphabetized Targets
OBJECTIVE: Kill some people. I don’t care how.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: They’re all over the place. None of them are terribly hard to kill though.
SECONDARY BONUSES: Technically none. But how good is your eyesight? Just curious.
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: It can be done extremely quickly, though it’s not immediately obvious how or why unless you’re the sort of person who would do this contract extremely quickly.

The Horror (of Challenge Unlocks) (Bangkok): 1-08-9409535-02
THEME: Cruel Joke
OBJECTIVE: Poison two familiar faces and Janbiya a third.
PRIMARY CHALLENGE: Grinding the unlocks to make it possible to SA this contract.
SECONDARY BONUSES: Don’t do it cheaply, don’t do it sloppily, and don’t get caught even when you’re allowed to.
WHY THIS CONTRACT IS COOL: Actually, this contract sucks, so it’s at least as qualified as What Just Happened? Except it sucks for purely non-mechanical reasons and is literally impossible without a specific loadout which just makes it mean-spirited and therefore hilarious. Picture a half-dozen Twitch streamers loudly swearing and asking where the Janbiya and second Poison Syringe are on Bangkok. That’s quality schadenfreude.

@Travis_IOI @mendietinha @Pagan @Fortheseven @theWizard @fkgfw @Urben @o_O @Bending_Cheese67 @cjgarof and whoever else I forgot on the PC crew.


I have taught you well


Tireur de Précision [PS4]

Location: Paris/The Showstopper

CID: 2-02-0699207-77

Targets: 3

From the early 70’s thru the mid 90’s Desire Lapresse was a hitman for the “Gang de la Brise de Mer”, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in France. His preferred method of assassination, death from afar with a sniper rifle.

He is retired from that life now but for the past 4 months he has been passing all of his sniping knowledge to Stéphane Lafrenière and Fred Beaujolie.

Eliminate all targets with their preferred tool of death, the sniper rifle.

Good luck and happy sniping 47!

Feel free to re-create on PC/Xbox

My clumsy “speed run”:

My “immersive” bad @ss assassin role play, I don’t care for the score playthrough:



Made a few new Colorado contracts:

Canteen Chaos - 3-09-1625171-88

Barn Dance - 3-09-0103603-88

The Pentagon - 3-09-4656576-88

The Colorado Melee Massacre - 3-09-5343391-88

Been meaning to make the Texas Chainsaw one for a while. Bit restrictive, but you do get to bring your blade of choice. Couple of fast and hopefully fun ones in there as well.


brushie brushie


Perfect Fifth

ID: 1-08-7824525-41


Perfect Fifth by @Pagan (2:30)

May as well get in on the ground floor before somebody utterly annihilates this one.


I’ve played two of your contracts: Canteen Chaos and The Colorado Melee Massacre. Both are awesome, but I am at the end of my tether with getting spotted in the most stupid of circumstances: ridiculous fields of view. Plus, buttons not doing what they say if you are a fraction of a degree away from being directly behind them or if the NPC twitches to the left or right randomly just before you press it. The door subdue has been rendered almost useless. Using coin lures to get NPCs to find weapons is horribly broken: they investigate the coin and walk away with weapon in plain sight. I spent about two hours on both and the best time I’ve got at the moment is about 8 minutes. I’ve got Melee Massacre down to just under 7 minutes, but I’ve not once been able to reproduce it.

In all seriousness. I’m a pretty decent player and I’m struggling with the tweaks in this latest update. What are new players going to make of this game in its current state?


Had a sub give a ninja contract. Turned out really cool.


The Years of Lead [PS4]

Location: Sapienza/The Icon

CID: 2-05-4708491-77

Targets: 1

Mr. Mazzi was an explosives specialist for a paramilitary group during the Years of Lead (Anni di piombo), a period of social and political turmoil in Italy marked by incidents of political terrorism.

He has been laying low for all these years as many people want him dead but recently he won a film industry award for his work as a “pyrotechnics technician” and our client recognized him when he saw his picture in the newspaper.

Good luck 47!

Feel free to re-create on PC/Xbox


100% agree, NPC’s behaviour changed a lot and now I’m noticing a very narrow range for the silent attack from behind… how many times I smashed the target’s face instead of poisoning him :joy: only god knows! FOV is ridiculous, wall hacks are still a major issue. Also, these servers are making me wanna quit the game, but I love it too much to do it :heart_eyes:


Those two were meant to be a challenge, however it’s a shame if the game itself is amplifying that. A lot of it is to do with the fact this game can’t seem to handle anything other than flat surfaces; then this is exacerbated by server issues, adjustments to sensitivity, and a fiddly prompt system. I was playing ‘Way of the Ninja’ yesterday and wanted to clear the path for ninja only by subduing the two patrol guards, but had to readjust the route to avoid that because those uneven areas are a complete lottery.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve been posting and playing less recently. Along with the load time/server issues we’ve been having on Xbox, the general state of the game since the latest update is disappointing. Maybe memory serves me wrong, but I’m sure there was a point about a year ago where the updates were tightening the game up, rather than making it loose at the seams. The priorities for the June update are understandable considering current circumstances, but I’m sure we were promised ‘big things’ prior to the update dropping, and I was confident that would cater to the core that hold the game up (so adjustments to view cones, lock-on vision, that type of thing) as well as any potential new customers: apparently that wasn’t the case.


I saw your time on Way of the Ninja. Wow! I don’t suppose you recorded your run, did you? The best I got was 3:53 with a disguise change to make a quick exit, but I’ve got a 4:22 Ninja Only route that I’m quite pleased with. I’ll upload my run later.

But regarding the frustrations, if talented players like you, @Xx_HidaN_xX and @Ed_ll3 are having problems then it’s definitely moving in the wrong direction. The number of replays I do on contracts until I’m happy is ridiculous, but in the past it has been quite enjoyable as I was at least finishing the contract SA, but knocking off seconds here and there. Now I’m hitting restart far too many times because I’m getting spotted when I shouldn’t. I’m not quite a slick a player as you two, but I know how to get around the maps without being seen and when I’m experiencing more fails now than successes then I really worry about how it’s affecting the more casual player.


It’s probably Xbox only, but one of the worst things is fluff anything early in a run, and you’re looking at more load time than actual game time. :joy:

I’ve got that WotN run recorded, but was going to have another go at it today. Thought I had the run I wanted… and got body found through a wall.


Later today, I’ll be looking through the last month or two of posts to find some contracts for featuring.

If there’s any you remember from that time period that you absolutely think should be front of the list for featuring, please drop the details as a reply to this message. Contract ID and a quick description go a LONG way. Thanks!



Like '99s
ID: 1-02-1699371-41
description: 2 ladies look like from late of 90’s. so 3 guards who had affair with them
but Dalia doesn’t like their style. cuz there is a fashion show. it doesn’t compatible with here ; )

5 targets, suit only, any kills, auction floor and attic.

**it been liked many of speedrunners