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When Japan first came out there was a guard who came out of the sauna room, what happened to him just curious


That’s on pro mode.


No way really I swear in normal mode in the beginning there was a guard there


That contract is fine but you should feature this one

Ultimate Endurance Mode - A Time Waster
ID (PC): 1-03-9254715-76



Contract name: STRATA
Location: Hokkaido
ID: 1-10-8934816-46
Description: Nails is running out of pills and he assures that he doesn’t know where they are getting lost, apparently Fujihara has been stealing some not only for him, but for two other guards and a friend of his.
Dr. Nicholas Laurent is getting mad because he doesn’t think Nails is saying the truth, and he cannot concentrate during the operations without them so he asked you to deliver a message to the thieves and liars. Good hunting 47.


I did this one a few weeks ago. Worth giving it a try.


@Travis_IOI If u feature 5 target contracts all different disguises and weapons there will be a RITO!!


While it might be an unpopular opinion, I think it would be much better if they were gone through and picked without the influence of any recommendations from us. For better or worse, it’s nice to discuss the merits of the selection when a new batch drops.


For real though, this one got good feedback


These 2 recent contracts were really good and are worth featuring, IMO.


Recreated on XB1
The Years of Lead
ID: 3-05-5498289-04


Thank you mate :slight_smile: :beers:


Ya, as GuLe said, pro has a guard there. Normal never did.

  1. Jack Mort’s Arabian Nights
  2. 1-07-5799522-02

Impressive, 47, your previous job in Bangkok convinced Jack Mort that your skills are worth investing into. He has a new challenge for you - this time in Night Marrakesh. As per his usual demands you need to eliminate 5 people in a manner that won’t raise suspicion while wearing your suit.

Good luck, Agent, I’ll leave you to prepare.

(Personal note: Mendola was included because he was a perfect target for the flow of this contract)

The contract starts with 2 targets at the plaza then flows to the Shisha Den entrance (amount of targets there depends on how you play your cards) and 1 near the market exit. There are no long waits and if one of the targets is busy - you can eliminate another. Beatable in 4-5 minutes (by me, even less for the big guys).

@Travis_IOI @Fortheseven @BernardoOne @GuLe @Pagan @mendietinha @Don_Coa


@Euler13 - Managed to shave a little bit more off the previous time, and got this closer to what I’d planned. Great contract in its own right, but it taught me something new too, so :thumbsup: :thumbsup:.

Way of the Ninja - (2:43)

P.S. - Be warned, it’s not very Ninja-ish.
P.P.S. - These new emoji things are 'orrible.


People think these contracts are cool apparently, so I’ll dump them here.

Fun puzzle contract: kill Jason Portman with a fall accident while disguised as the pilot. How fast can it be done?

Xbox, 3-10-9861218-83

“Literally Cleaning House 2” - @Silverballer

Freeform contract in the school.

Xbox, 3-06-6273253-83


I know there are already a bunch of older contracts in the SE forum, but if you ask me which of those I’d like to see featured, I would say these three (EDIT: No just take a look at the third one, I replayed it and realized how fun it is to play!):

  1. Bad food kills, bad grammar too. Sapienza at day, ID: 1-03-9023758-67
    Picture: https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard13/uploads/hitmanforum/original/3X/4/5/455eb919770c3c9a940e65db9361544847eab35e.jpg
    This one because it is my most recent which is… well more serious in terms of a challenge.
  1. La Femme Fatale Marrakesh at day, ID: 1-06-3723831-67
    Pictures: https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard13/uploads/hitmanforum/original/3X/f/a/fafa5aca7806247f8dd35a40e99233def525cf26.jpg
    and https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard13/uploads/hitmanforum/original/3X/8/f/8f7a3e5d51dd9a1110dd62a3aee572f4dac146f1.jpg
    This one because… it is hard. Especially as the challenge for speedrunners is to make most of the kills in absence. RNG is a bit painful with it but if the plan is solid, it kinda works. I only got feedback from a few, but they seemed to like the puzzle aspect in it.
  1. Souq Noir Marrakesh at night, ID: 1-07-2831591-67
    Pictures: https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard13/uploads/hitmanforum/original/3X/4/0/4044674321c2e04e8ae29d2ea9a24b10601cb4a4.jpg
    and https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard13/uploads/hitmanforum/original/3X/c/7/c77a18e324447208e111dae86b24233372cfe544.jpg
    This one because I find it different enough to regular contracts. If you think you found 9 awesome speedrunner-contracts and are looking for one differently themed, this one might be it. The four targets are public and regular containers are nowhere near them. I find this contract is all about how the fibre-wire experience has to feel.


Oh, pick me! Pick me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Les Impardonnables
ID: 3-02-0337518-41


A freeform contract based around difficult places to infiltrate around the palace, with all the target being at different parts of the map (although there are ways to take them all out without actually visiting those parts of the map). Liked by all the people in the PS4 Elusive Contracts thread and recreated twice, which I think is a good endorsement :stuck_out_tongue:

Please Knock Before Entry
ID: 3-08-1653417-41


A puzzle contract based around long range mixtape lures. Pays tribute to the method of getting the Veteran to Carrington’s room and is a fun contract to figure out if you don’t know the method.

Also, I’d like to recommend these two excellent freeform contracts by @SnakeGun. Both are great fun to optimise with speedrunning and are good for challenges like Fibre Wire only, Suit Only, etc. Since the community has shown a lot of love for open ended contracts like this I think they would go down very well. These are not my contracts.

Room Service
ID: 3-08-6181965-41


Hell’s Kitchen
ID: 3-08-4704728-41


Also, have you abandoned the Square Enix Forums now? Is this where I should post my contracts from here on?


@Ed_ll3: This is my ninja only run…

Way of the Ninja - Ninja Only (4:22)


I remade my fibrewire contract. Four targets, Marrakesh at night. Bring patience. @Travis_IOI

Souq Noir - 1-07-2831591-67

EDIT. Did this contract in 2:39 so it IS possible to speedrun. And it is quite fun to do!