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One more idea turned into real contract:

  1. 47’s Own: Where Bald Dare Not to Venture
  2. 1-03-6132382-02

A joke contract where all of the targets are the clients of the barber shop. And, yes, it’s possible to SA.


Here’s one @Travis_IOI:
Night Accidents - 2-07-3599004-57
3 targets - Accidents Only - Any Disguise - Freedom of Aproach


Xbox One: 3-02-5270156-93

PS4: 2-02-080339159

You have to kill one of the guys in the auction, who stationary for most of, if not the entire mission, with a fall.


Playing my contract which I want to get featured… wink wink @Travis_IOI (I stop now :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’ve got 2 new contracts. First one is mine, second one was one that was generated by the Hitman Roulette website. I liked it, that’s why i published it and sharing it here.

“Portman’s Revenge” (PS4)

p.s. Sorry for the lack of description. It was late and my brain wasn’t functioning. I normally will come up with some back story (like my Super Mario Brothers contract). But i was too tired after this.

“Random” (PS4)


@D1NGdong Sorry this is late. This was my run for Super Mario Brothers :slight_smile:


Here’s another one !

Name: Ninja Surgeons
Location: Hokkaido

Quick description: A ninja known as 47 reveals to the attack he did on GAMA, You decide how the attack went down, like blood money did with the newspapers.
Some bonuses included Too


P.S : sorry for the bad quality but uploading screenshots is complicated since I am currently using different e-mails.


I have no idea how to do this one fast so I just did the bonus run because I’m probably the only person masochistic enough to do it.

No More Mister Knife Guy w/ Gold Bonus (Suit Only + Hide All Bodies)

Endrizzi and Bolognese moving is probably the biggest timing issue, plus hitting Esposito at a favorable time in his patrol route inside the upstairs living room thing.


Summer Internship (6:56)

@GKPunk: I really liked this. Lots of options, but I took the easy route of getting officer outfit and dismissing key personnel.

@Ed_ll3: I got more satisfying times in TCMM and CC. However, CC is a nightmare due to horribly broken mechanics in the game. The death of someone in that area completely randomises what each NPC does next from standing around talking indefinitely and not going to eat/drink to standing fixed to the spot forever looking towards where the dead body was. In the end, the run I got was pretty much the one I intended, but I know if I tried it again I’d only finish this contract SA maybe one in ten times.

The route for TCMM I finally figured out is fairly reliable and consistent, so I’m pleased with that. I think this is a very good candidate for getting featured. (@Travis_IOI: Take a look at The Colorado Melee Massacre.) It’s a really tough contract if you stay in the scarecrow outfit, but you could change to remove troublesome non-targets, then go in for the kills. It’s not going to be easy for anyone, but it works for all player types.

The Colorado Melee Massacre (5:14)

Canteen Chaos (5:57)


Finally got some spare time to retun in the making of contracts and here are some pices that, while nothing special, I think can be fun. Enjoy :bear::slight_smile:
TITLE: Salamander
ID NUMBER: 3-08-6391183-96

TITLE: The Biggest Dreamer
ID NUMBER: 3-02-0020387

Something nice and simple for the first floor of the fashion show. Enjoy :bear::slight_smile:
@Travis_IOI I created these recently and many people liked them. Lots of options for both of them.


PC Contract - Cinematic Problematic - 1-05-1719343-76

I know people are not exactly fans of contracts in this map, but i think this one has a decent flow.
@Urben @mendietinha @fkgfw @Nakar @Bending_Cheese67 @Fortheseven @cjgarof @GuLe

I’ve set a time of 1:59. It’s easily beatable once you get into the flow of the contract.


Have fun with this one
Xbox One ID: 3-02-6612246-93
Title: Out of Time


This was actually a fun contract despite the map. Here is my run:



Here is 3 of my better contracts.
All 3 take place in Bangkok and the best current time on the leaderboards is ( 1:31 )
CONTRACT ID: 2-08-8122919-89
Pretty straightforward contract, but a very fun one!

Kill all 5 Chefs / Targets with Kitchen Knife while disguised as Kitchen Staff.


Another one in Bangkok…
CONTRACT ID: 2-08-1777539-89

The focus is to eliminate a select few of bartenders with a SHOTGUN while disguised as “Recording Crew”

…Bartenders… SHOTgun…
Shot “Glass” – Shot “Class” …get it…? :laughing:

And Finally…
CONTRACT ID: 2-08-2532384-89

The goal is to eliminate all targets with an assault rifle while disguised as “recording crew”



This should be a featured contract

@GuLe agrees :rofl:


god damn it uhehueuehuheuhue


Nice. You can also reach those guys with a katana on you if you go from the other side. I been thinking bout making a contract where u have to kill the 2 guards that are where Yuki spawns near the cable car. Ninja disguise with katana melee


That’d be a good contract.

I wondered about coming in with the katana, but I couldn’t figure out how to get past the bodyguards at the entrance to the apartment.


Whos apt? Yuki apartment ?


Two contracts; one easy and one hard.

The Vase Scheme

Location: Sapienza Day
ID: 3-03-7510258-49

Ladies of the Night

Location: Marrakesh Night
ID: 3-07-0780560-49