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Remember your sniper suit contract in Bangkok? Here’s one for you. If you can’t get to your PS4, remake for Xbox. It’s the unmasked centre guard on the helipad.


Yes. That’s where the guys are which you said I could take out with the katana if I came in from the other side.

But even to get to the cable car you need to either go past the front of Yuki’s suite or past the kitchen door and Dex’s suite. All directions have multiple NPCs and enforcers.

If you have some ideas I’d love to know as I think that would be ultra-cool. I did feel a little cheap using a high alert state to “sneak” past NPCs who would otherwise report seeing a ninja. A total stealth route with minimal KOs would be awesome.


Challenge accepted. What’s your time?


Nice contracts :thumbsup:

The Vase Scheme

Ladies of the Night


I believe it was 1:32. But it can be done faster. I was just lazy to do it. Haha.


My friend made a contract where u have to kill the guys on yakis balcony with katana in ninja disguise. I got to them with no disguise changes, no knockouts, no high alert state. Nothing. Very clean. There is a way to get to the cable car with ninja disguise perfect stealth :slight_smile:


Video or it didn’t happen! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though - assuming you don’t have a video - how can you get past everyone on that ground floor without high alert or KOs whilst dressed as ninja and wielding a katana?


Well you dont need to carry the katana as there is one in her appartment.


He said,

Even so, the ninja disguise is hostile to everyone. I’m just really curious how it can be done. I see this as a learning opportunity, and that has been one of my favourite parts of playing this game: learning something new.


Spontanously, I would infiltrate the basement through the garage or morgue, enter the patient area near Dexter Morgan’s appartment, knock out who is there, make the doctors and greeters go away by throwing BC on their feets and get into Yuki’s appartment through Portman’s appartment.


And he said,

My mind is boggled as to how it can be done.


Well I should read the reply fully :smiley: No knockout may be possible with my route, but it becomes messy to lure everyone away at Dexter’s appartment.


Use two breach charges to lure away the people at Yuki’s door?

I suppose you then have the problem of exfiltrating, so you’d have to be really fast.


Going in from the door where pranjic guard stands in front of, near where the handyman and resort staff guy are talking in front of aquarium, there are moments where all the guards in front of Yukis apartment head turn towards the door, u can run past them to Portmans room. You heard it here first!


I’d like to see it. :+1:


Title: Sapper’s Slayer
Contract ID: 3-08-4683730-05
Location: Bangkok


Where is the target?? I shall recreate huehue


Here’s one I created recently. I loved the Breaking Bad reference in Landslide so I made a contract and story based around it. Kill 3 “cooks” and an enforcer for the owner of a suspicious fried chicken restaurant.

“Better Call Salvatore!”

ID: 3-04-0623116-46

Desc: “Our client, the owner of a fairly prominent fast food restaurant chain, ‘I Fratelli Polli,’ has recently become dissatisfied with several of his, ahem, ‘cooks,’ as well as one of his enforcers. In order to keep business running smoothly, he has decided to turn to a professional to, quote, ‘Send them to Belize.’ But when the going gets tough, you don’t want a criminal lawyer, you want a criminal lawyer. ‘Better Call Salvatore!’”


Barn Dance by @Ed_ll3
PS4 ID: 2-09-3714759-99

Took a gander at Barn Dance. Didn’t go for my fastest. Wanted to do something different. And here it is:

Silent Assassin, Quad-Kill w/Custom Kill Cam


This one might be a little late, but it seems difficult nonetheless.

Title: Out of Time
Platform: Xbox One
ID: 3-02-6612246-93